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Perfume Lancome "Miracle". Customer Reviews

There are many scents that conquerwomen with their elegance and uniqueness. Perfume is very few people can leave indifferent, the main thing - to correctly choose your own smell, which will match your style and image. As one of the unbeatable options, women's fragrance from Lancome - "Miracle" can be chosen. It refers to floral scents.

Description of perfume

Lancome Miracle
Spirits, like a melody, can be decomposed into notes.They are, as a rule, three. In the spirits "Mirakl" from Lankom in the initial notes, which are felt immediately after application, the smells of freesia and litchi are combined. To "sounds" of the heart are ginger, jasmine, mandarin, magnolia, pepper. In the base notes a warm trail smells of amber and musk. They give the composition a luxurious and exhilarating sound. Perfume Lancome "Miracle" was created in 2000. All the flavors produced by this company are designed for women of strong and strong-willed, life-loving and radiant radiance. Spirits from Lancome are romantic and delicate fragrances. Perfume compositions are available in vials of 30 ml (perfume) or 100 ml (toilet water).

In addition to flower spirits, Lankom produces andoriental aromas. The smell is like a Cinderella shoe, according to which the prince must find his chosen one. Such mysterious, enticing and attractive perfumes include Lancome "Miracle Forever" - a feminine fragrance that has such a vivid personality that it can be immediately recognized among thousands.

Lancome Miracle Forever
At first it is perceived as oriental floralaroma. In its initial, upper notes enter the peony, black currant and illicium. Then the fragrance opens from an unusual side - there is an unexpected smell of heliotrope, mimosa, almond flowers and lily of the valley. After the main aroma dissipates, a seductive sensuous trail of basic notes of amber, cedar and patchouli remains. A beautiful prince will always seek his charming stranger, having once heard the unforgettable aroma of her spirits.

Reviews of perfume

The customers of perfume Lancome "Miracle" reviewscause only positive. They call this perfume very light, persistent and at the same time unobtrusive. The aroma is fresh, slightly sweet, but leaves unforgettable sensations of novelty and temptation. Perfume perfectly combines floral scent and trail of spices. Buyers readily purchase perfume for the spring-summer season, when you want an update and a sense of joy. The fragrance from "Lancome" is great for this purpose. Let its design does not shine with originality, but the contents of this simple bottle fascinate.

Lancome Miracle reviews
The perfume of Lancome "Miracle" perfume is compared withspring breeze, gentle and pleasant. Buyers believe that they are great for both daily use and for an evening out. Despite the high price of perfume, they are eager to purchase, because they have a persistent sensual aroma. Women and their loved ones are just delighted with this perfume and confidently recommend Lancome "Miracle" to their acquaintances and other buyers. The smell of spirits excites, it is gentle and unforgettable. It has a zest, which emits fragrance from other perfumes. A woman who chooses perfume from Lankom, feels more confident, attracts the admiring glances of others and allows herself to always be in the spotlight.