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Perfume "Angel and Demon" - contrast on the verge of disharmony

Probably, every second girl today wants to get the perfume "Angel and Demon". Surely you've already heard about this trendy perfume. If not, then it's time to start getting to know him!

Not so long ago perfume house ZHivanshi introducedto the light new spirits "Angel and Demon". As an image, the company chose Dominique de Villepin. The advertising poster shows the girl's two faces - devilish and angelic. The very same perfume line can become a breakthrough in a network of similar stores.

Spirits "Angel and Demon" ZHivanshi will be veryare attractive both for young adults, and for adults, more mature women. The creators decided to take for the basis of the upper notes eastern flavors - saffron, Calabrian mandarin and thyme. Further smoothly there is a transition to lily flowers, orchids and ylang-ylang. Finish such an amazing composition of vanilla, oak bark and rosewood. Please note that this is a very unusual combination of floral scents, which include playful spontaneity, elegant chic, aristocratic and at the same time a real French style.

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Of course, these spirits are not the only creationcompany. And what's more, they are not only engaged in perfume. The company ZHivanshi began its activity back in 1952 and remains in demand for more than 50 years. The founder of the perfume house is rightly considered to be a certain Mr. Uber. The term "pret-a-porter" is an invention of a famous couturier. He believed that the main components of the style - refinement and elegance. His opinion was also shared by the famous actress Audrey Hepburn, therefore she always preferred to wear dresses from the founder ZHivanshi.

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Currently, the majority of active women andenergetic men all over the world also adhere to the style of the French couturier and perfumer. After all, his work is distinguished by a special charm and elegance. The most famous examples of the perfume house collection are Organza, Absolutely, Blue Label, Lovely Prism, Oblique FFWD, Hot Couture, Play, Homme and, of course, the most famous perfume Angel and Daemon". This perfume today has become very fashionable - this is the classic of the genre, and the hyper-modern style at the same time. "Angel and demon" perfectly combine the opposites.

For young ladies perfumers of the company ZHivanshi decidedcreate fruit spirits "My Dream", which can take away their owners in a fairy world filled with charming gardens. In general, each of the presented aromas will surprise you with its individuality and uniqueness.

The spirits "Angel and Demon", whose price, by the way, is notso great - from 50 to 200 dollars per bottle (it depends on the volume), have a very sensual scent. To the merits of this perfume can also be attributed stylish packaging design and odor resistance.

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Smell is an important component of communication betweenpeople. Perfumers learned to tame him and made him capable of expressing sensuality, tenderness, aggression, sexuality. It is these, somehow similar and at the same time opposite components, that these spirits contain. The angel and the demon, hidden in the bottle, contrast with each other on the fine side of disharmony. Do not cross this line, but stay close to him - this is art.