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Tattoo on the finger for girls - how to do?

Tattoos have long become a fashionable attributepiercing or jewelry. True, there is one "but" - the earring can be removed, but the figure on the body to remove is very problematic. Tattoo on the finger for girls are very popular. They can be very elegant and say more about their possessor than other words. From this article you will find out what picture you can choose for a lady's finger.

What to think about before making a tattoo

With the light hand of Rihanna, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, young ladies and grown-up ladies have adopted one more place for tattooing.

finger tattoo for girls

Tattoo on the finger for girls look enoughcute and easy, but attention will attract more than a huge tattoo on the forearm or on the lower back. Your hands are always in sight - we are constantly gesticulating them, we serve when we meet and meet. Many of us are embarrassed to look into the eyes of the interlocutor, and then we look at our hands. If you work in a state institution or in a strict organization like a bank, then the tattoo on the finger for girls is definitely not suitable. Remember that you can not hide the picture, in addition, you will see your tattoo many times a day. You can make a tattoo on the waist or shoulder blade and forget about it, while an unsuccessful tattoo on your finger will spoil your life.

Features of finger tattoo

To fill a tattoo on a finger for girls is painful enough. The fact is that the gap between the bone and the skin on the fingers is very small, and the skin is very tender.

tattoo on a finger for girls inscriptions with a translation of a photo

Colour.Despite the fact that now the most fashionable are tattoos made in color, it is better to fill the picture with blue or black on the fingers. The hands work constantly, we wash them many times more often than other parts of the body, because other colors will quickly fade.

Font.If you decide to make an inscription on your finger, then best of all give preference to plain without curls. A beautiful font will make the inscription unreadable, so do not experiment. Well, let's move on to the variants of the images!

Fashionable innovation - mustache

Fashion is so often a mood-changing lady that she can not blindly follow.

 tattoo on a finger for girls inscriptions with a translation of a photo

What do you think is the most fashionabletattoo on the finger for girls? Inscriptions? Photos show us the mustache! Yes, yes, having acquired a black mustache on your finger, you will be in a trend until this trend changes to something as strange and short-lived. Why do you need a mustache on your finger? Well, how! You can put a finger with a mustache to your face and evaluate how you would look.

Tattoo on a finger for girls - inscriptions with a translation

Photos show us a lot of interesting options with the inscriptions on the fingers.

What is strange enough for our region,percent of ninety-five are phrases in English, Latin and Arabic. What is so not pleased with the "great and mighty" is not clear, but there is that which is. You can ask the master to perform any word or expression in the ink, but let it be better something motivating, life-affirming. Believe that "ts-c-s!", Which can also be applied to the lips, you will get tired in a month, but it will be too late.

tattoo on finger for girls lettering photo

Popular are the words "believe", "create", "love". Refuse the long abstruse phrases, because the area of ​​drawing is limited.

Ring tattoo and other symbols

Holders of such tattoos invest in the imagesome sense, although they can not say anything to others. For example, it is fashionable to stuff "rings" instead of engagement on the wedding day with the date of the wedding. In addition, you can fill in any significant date for you.