/ How to draw acrylic paints on nails?

How to draw acrylic paints on nails?

How to draw with acrylic paints?This question for a long time torments those who are afraid to take a brush in their hands, counting the drawings on their nails as "the gift of God." However, it is only worth trying - and the drawings themselves will start to get better and better, because the main thing is practice. At the initial stage, not all nails can be the same. Some drawings are larger, some smaller, there are brighter colors, and there is dimmer, but this is only for the first time. A little later, everything will be just fine!

Of course, the easiest way to go to a beauty salon andthrough time to have beautiful nails, paying a certain amount. Otherwise, money can stay with you, plus you will receive a huge positive from the work itself, from the realization of your ideas in practice.

Before drawing with acrylic paints onnails, it is worth consulting about the paints and get at least an unpretentious palette. In addition to paints, you need brushes and sticks for drawing. All this can be bought either in a specialized store, or ordered on the Internet. If there is an opportunity, on the issue of the manufacturer of paints, you can consult your girlfriends who are doing this. When drawing on nails with acrylic paints becomes routine, a palette of colors can be replenished.

A beginner who wants to know how to draw with acrylicpaints, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the paint can be on an acetone basis or water. Water colors blend better with each other, they are easy to wash. The advantage of acetone acrylic paints is in their greater durability, and water paints still need to be covered with layers of fixer.

You can choose the simplest thin brushes - to learn how to draw them is not at all difficult, but thicker brushes will be mastered later. For beginner brushes are numbers zero, one and two.

If you do not know how to draw with acrylicpaints, you can practice on paper - here and master the brush, and sharpen the drawing. Since not everything will turn out right away, you just need acetone, which will be fixed flaws. And the final stage - the decor for the nails. It includes rhinestones, stickers, stucco, foil, crumb and many, many beautiful things.

How to draw acrylic paints - tips for dummies

  1. First, look at the shape of the nail andtry to submit a picture that you would like to see. On long nails, it is not necessary to do longitudinal strips - this will further extend the nail, which looks not quite beautiful, but rather neglected. Short nails should not contain transverse bands, otherwise they will look even shorter and wider. For the first time, you can try abstraction - there is always a great opportunity not to correct errors - as if it was intended. With the acquisition of greater skill, you can make more complex compositions. If there are no ideas at all, you can spy on the Internet.
  2. Immediately spread around yourself the necessary items - a palette, brushes, a container of water and a rag, varnishes and paints, a fixer.
  3. The drawing process begins with the laying of the foundationvarnish and its complete drying. Next, we create the desired drawing with colors and wait. Drawings are best done on all nails at once, so that the paints do not dry out, then dry them. Drawing should be "layered" - this is a kind of fantasy, especially the perception of the image. For example, first comes the basis of the drawing, then the details, then small additions. After the main picture is already there, you can decorate - crystals, sequins, etc.
  4. The last step is to fix the picture either with a usual clear varnish or with a special fixer.

And this is all - just, economically and interestingly. In addition, having learned to make drawings on nails, you can train on your friends, and then make it a good work-in-progress.