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Color spray for hair: the best way to make a hairstyle irresistible

Any woman always wants to look bright andattractive. Stand out from the crowd - the dream of every girl. Color spray for hair - just an indispensable thing to create a unique image. This new invention of the world of style and fashion is becoming more popular among the beautiful half of humanity.

Spray will not only help create an unforgettableevening image, but also suitable for daily use, becoming an indispensable addition to the everyday style. Tired of the natural hair color? The spray will be an excellent solution to this problem. He will revive the habitual image, giving it originality and color. Strands will look exciting and slightly defiant, but with it and unobtrusively.

Simply and easily

Use of this product does not requireabsolutely no professional skills in the field of hair coloring. You just need to remove the cap from the spray and paint the selected area. Some girls completely paint the hair from the roots to the tips, others - choose individual locks and embody the most daring color fantasies.

What color to choose?

Girls with blond hair or blondes are betterpink, red, blue, purple and yellow color shades are suitable. They will make the hairdress bright and contrast. Color spray for hair and brunettes. Girls with dark hair will appreciate bright or saturated colors. If desired, using the spray can create a highlight effect.

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The product is suitable for any type of hair.Its use is absolutely safe. The color range of the sprays is wide enough, so any woman can choose the shade to her liking and create the desired image. You can wash off the spray with an ordinary shampoo, no additional funds are required. A colored hair spray will neatly color both natural and artificial hair. Strands can be painted in different colors, and if you want to completely change the color of the hair, spray the entire length of the hair.

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Although the benefits of this spray is very much, butthere are still a few shortcomings. Spray is not recommended to be applied in overcast and rainy weather, as humidity can ruin an extravagant hairstyle. After using the spray, the structure of the hair becomes somewhat rough, which can only be removed by flushing the product off the head. It is important to remember that the color spray for the hair must be washed off at night. After all, like any decorative cosmetics, it blocks the hair access to oxygen, and this can lead to dullness and lifeless hairdo.

Staining of strands

To paint individual strands in interestingshades, use a hair spray. Colorful, washable and original product will help to make a hairstyle memorable. To paint a curl, you just need to take a small piece of foil and make a hole in it, where the strand will be passed. This procedure is carried out in order not to accidentally paint other curls. It is necessary to paint it neatly, evenly spraying the spray around the selected area. Next, you need to wait a couple of seconds for the product to dry out a little. After this, do the same operation with the remaining strands.

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A few more nuances

Before use, a balloon with a substanceshake well. Apply spray is necessary, keeping it upright and at a distance of 30 cm from the hair. It must be remembered that a spray can spoil clothes, so it's better to wear something homemade or throw an old towel over your shoulders. Create an original image will help the color spray for hair. Feedback about this product is only positive. Girls like bright and rich colors, which add a hairstyle of originality and audacity, and this is always in fashion.