/ What does "Shark" tattoo mean?

What does "Shark" tattoo mean?

Want to stuff a tattoo "Shark", but do not know whatmeans a similar image on the body? Then we will now tell you this information. As you know, a shark is a very predatory creature. Do the tattoo with its image of people who want to bring into their image even more audacity and danger.

Tattoo "Shark": the value of the image

Previously, such drawings could only be seen in the West. Now they can be seen everywhere. Every year the popularity of the "Shark" tattoo is increasing.

tattoo shark

Ancient people believed that similar imageshave a preserving power. Therefore, they respected sharks. The Japanese considered them messengers of the gods. And what did the sharks mean for the inhabitants of the islands in the Pacific Ocean? They considered them a symbol of grace.

Sailors stuffed the "Shark" tattoo to show people that they are ready for anything on the high seas. We come to a small conclusion that earlier this image was a kind of amulet for a man.

And what does the "Shark" tattoo mean today?The value of this image is not one, there are several. Firstly, such a drawing denotes fearlessness, power and cruelty. Secondly, dedication and freedom-loving.

What does the tattoo design mean?The image of a shark is a symbol of intolerance to the restriction of one's personal freedom, perhaps even greed. Recently, such a picture on the body has become dominant (in gambling or business).

Very often, such images on the body can be seen in those people whose profession is associated with the sea (sailors, fishermen and some others).

tattoo shark value

Most of all tattoo "Shark" suits self-confident people, stubborn. They always move forward, achieving their goal, have an unbending character.

That's what "Shark" tattoo means.Sketches of such drawings are usually performed in color. Although there are also black drawings. Tattoo "Shark" is stuffed into different parts of the body. Back, arm, leg, chest - all this can become a "canvas" for the master.

Such a tattoo is suitable as an imperious man,and a strong woman. On representatives of both sexes, this picture looks very good. Effectively, the tattoo "Shark" looks like on the forearm, back, and on the back of the head. Such a predatory creature can be portrayed in both a realistic and original style. In this case, everything depends on your desire and fantasy master.

tattoo shark sketches

Hammer Shark: What does this tattoo mean?

I would also like to highlight a tattoo with an imageshark-hammer. This is one of the most unusual creatures in the whole world. The image with him causes curiosity and surprise. This fish has unique abilities. Some of them have not even been solved until now. Since this creature is bloodthirsty and dangerous, it symbolizes greed and cunning.

which means a tattoo with a shark image

A small conclusion

Now you know what the "Shark" tattoo means.Sketches of the native images presented in the article may help you to choose the right drawing for yourself. Good luck with your choice! And remember that tattoos remain for life, if they do not reduce, but this is not a particularly pleasant procedure.