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"Lady Million" by Paco Raban

"Lady Million" from the magnificent fashion house PacoRaban is a female version of the fragrance "1 Million", which once became so popular among the stronger sex. New perfume has become a welcome gift for the beautiful half of humanity. Their release began to wait almost from the moment of the appearance of men's perfume. The premiere took place in 2010 (two years after the dizzying "debut for the macho").

lady million

On European sites (according to statistics), this fragrance is now a bestseller of sales. The face of the advertising campaign Paco Raban "Lady Million" was the American model of Drie Hemingway.

The female version was inspired by brilliance, goldand wealth. No one can say for sure exactly what the fashion house wanted to say with the name of spirits. Does a woman who chooses these spirits want to earn millions, or does she herself cost all millions of the world? It is clear only one thing - this lady is not ordinary, she dominates the environment, has incredible sensuality and a strong, fiery character. As you know, impeccability is accessible only to the elite.

lady million perfume

According to the classification, the spirits of "Lady Million" refer toaromas of a flower-fruit group. The composition of the smell is complex and multifaceted. It is gradually revealed by new notes that resonate with each other, creating a special sensual fragrance. He does not leave indifferent neither women, nor men. The fragrance lasts for a long time on the skin, dissolves in the air, creating a wonderful weightless plume of pleasant aftertaste.

The creation of perfume worked outstandingwizards Anne Flipo, Beatrice Piquet, Dominique Ropion and Bruno Jovanovic. In man's perfume, the first notes are struck by the aroma of roses with spices. They are sensual, courageous. And in combination with complementary woody intonations, a slight trend of natural leather and patchouli, these perfumes become an ideal perfume for creating an image of self-confidence, strength and beauty.

In "Lady Million" there is clearly a living anda bright mixture of floral and woody aromas: raspberries, citron, patchouli, neroli, jasmine, citrus. They are complemented by the magical and light smell of honey, which remains a velvet expensive plume in the air. Heart notes of fragrance: jasmine, gardenia, orange flower.

paco raban lady million
This is a perfume of high style, for refinedaristocratic women who know how to use it as a real weapon of seduction. These spirits are incredibly attractive and bright, deep and voluminous. Similar they were not yet in the perfume industry. However, they will, to taste, they, perhaps, not all. But strong, non-standard and strong-willed women will definitely appreciate the whole range of feelings created by this fragrance.

"Lady Million" - perfume in a high gold bottle,which is clearly associated with luxury and symbolizes the power of diamonds. The fragrance is chic, beautifully unfolding, resistant. This is the smell for lovers of sweet, intoxicating perfumes. He is complex, feminine, unique. Playing sweet and tart notes creates a special sense of audacity, luxury, elegance. This is the choice of dynamic, bold, spontaneous, energetic, living and unpredictable women.

"Try it on" this stylish and luxurious fragrance - it will help you show everyone what you are worth!