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Legendary perfume "Opium"

Since 1977, the firm "Yves Saint Laurent" producesfamous perfume "Opium", which are rightfully considered today a classic fragrance. Later, toilet water with a less concentrated odor, but having the same name, was released. The authors and creators of these fragrances were at that time not very famous French

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perfumery. The package was developed by Pierre Dinan. He created a beautiful bottle, reminiscent of Japanese inro-boxes, designed to store various trifles.

The idea of ​​flavor, packaging design and name immediatelyapproved the great Yves Saint Laurent. The colors that were used in the design development are traditionally considered to be oriental - the combination of gold and red always spoke of luxury and sensuality. The spicy aroma, which is so famous perfume "Opium", brings to mind the eastern countries. The exact calculation of trendy trends at that time - the East and everything connected with it - became the determining factor that guaranteed the success of the new fragrance.

"Opium" - the spirits that were born in theseveral stages. At first about three hundred flavors were made. Of these, thirty are the most responsible creators. In absolutely identical bottles they were presented to the public. By

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the results of such a study was abandonedThe only one who received the most positive feedback. They became the world-famous fragrance called "Opium." He was represented at the New York party, which was attended by more than 900 guests. She went on a sailing ship "Beijing", which for one evening turned into a luxurious oriental palace. The creators of the magnificent fragrance were happy - the perfume "Opium" reviews received the most enthusiastic.

However, the appearance of these spirits in the market was notcalm and cloudless. The management of the firm, which at that time included the trading house of Yves Saint Laurent, unexpectedly opposed the release of this fragrance, finding it hopeless. The choice of the name led to ridiculous accusations of using drugs against the designer. For the fact that the spirits "Opium" still were released, we must thank Yves Saint Laurent and Chantal Rooz, the current head of the company YSL Beaute.

After the advent of perfume in the market, the creatorsfragrance continued to pursue major and minor troubles. Initially, they were charged with the use of harmful substances, such as muscat keaton. And although reliable

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There is no information on the use of this substance, inChina, these spirits are banned completely. The country's leadership considered that the fragrance with such a name could be misunderstood by the youth, and the use of spirits with such a provocative name may distort the general idea of ​​the country.

The advertising "Opium" with participation of Sofi Dahl became also scandalous. Critics have found her sexually provocative and degrading women.

Spirits that are today produced under the brand"Opium", a little different from those that appeared in the 70s. Their aroma was slightly changed in 2000. Despite the changes, the perfume "Opium" is still popular and loved by women all over the world, as indicated by the consistently high level of sales of this fragrance.