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Tattoo on the waist for women and men - value, sketches and features

Tattoos at different times usedpopularity among the representatives of the weak and the stronger sex. Despite the fact that in the 90s of the century before last, tattoos of domestic servants or girls of easy behavior were stuffed on the waist, modern youth, breaking stereotypical thinking, began to consider this part of the body quite in demand and relevant for drawing of actual sketches.

Features of tattoos

Before doing a tattoo on the lower back, you need toit is good to think about making such a decision. In the event that during the preparation of a person there are any doubts, do not rush and sketch a sketch on the body, as deleting the picture is a rather expensive procedure.

However, since to the main category of people,which deal with tattoos, are mostly young people, as a rule, few people think about the consequences. After applying the tattoo on the waist, there are several limitations that should be noted.

  • During the healing period, it is worth wearing trousers, jeans or loose-fitting trousers.
  • First time you need to wear underwear with a weak elastic band.
sketch of flowers

However, despite the limitations and stigma,appeared in connection with the placement, tattoos do not cease to fill. And, as a rule, this place of application is most popular among female representatives.

Advantages of the Sketch

As it turned out, the fourth part of the populationThe United States of America at the age of 18 to 50 regularly comes to the tattoo artists with the aim of applying selected sketches to the body. And that is not surprising, 20% of fine ladies are putting tattoos on the lower back. And for this there are a number of reasons.

  • There is plenty of space on the lower back to make a complete picture. Even the owner of a medium build can put on an impressive tattoo.
  • Women's tattoo on the back can last a long timetime for the simple reason that it is in this place that the woman's skin does not stretch, and even in old age or with an increase in body weight, the tattoo does not deform and looks like a new one.
  • The sketch put on this place is easy to clean under clothes and just as easy to demonstrate by wearing a top or short jersey.
tattoo sketches

As a rule, the most populartattoo on the back of the girls. Representatives of the weaker sex, filling the sketch, try to decorate part of their body, thus giving it sexuality and femininity. Men rarely choose the lower back, preferring the upper back.

Disadvantages of the tattoo

In addition to the above benefits, the tattoo on the lower back also has some drawbacks, which should be noted when applying the drawing.

  • Such sketches can be ridiculous if they are not centered. It is necessary to choose a good master who would stick to symmetry.
  • A certain category of people considers the nude sketches on the waist as immoral.
  • To put a tattoo in the field of a loin - painful enough procedure. The skin in this place is thin, and the closer to the bone, the more painful.
tattoo on the waist of a girl
  • You can look at this drawing only by using a mirror.
  • Due to the complex design and impressive size, tattooing is quite expensive.

Thumbnail designs on the lower back usually have an oblong shape. The widest part of them is located in the center of the waist or in the form of a circle.

Sketches of tattoos

You can choose a pattern for a tattoo.However, most often the preference is given to the tribal style, which is called the tribal (sketches oblong form a priori symmetrical), Celtic patterns and colors (hibiscus, daisies and cherry blossoms). Drawings, as a rule, are located in the center and small in size or large - they envelop almost the whole of the lower back.

In addition, as a drawing choose a tattoo with the image of animals, sun or stars. You can meet a tattoo with a dragon on the lower back, with a dolphin, a turtle or butterflies.

Value of tattoo on the lower back

It has long been known that the lower back of a person is responsible forhis mind, self-confidence, power and career. There is even such a theory, according to which competently chosen sketch can affect and change the fate of the owner of the tattoo.

Thus, a drawing depicting a wolf on the lower backsymbolizes the dexterity and courage of the mistress. Impersonation of aggression and power is the leopard. The lion is associated with a special power and power. Symbol of endurance, courage and independence is the bear, located at the waist. The tiger is associated with courage and fearlessness. The image of the horse helps in solving various misfortunes and problems. Pride, nobility, and also a connection with the elements of air and fire are associated with the image of the eagle. Butterfly personifies the human soul.

butterflies on the waist

Anyway, any tattoo, located onthe lower back of a beautiful fair sex representative, is the embodiment of femininity and attractiveness (except for having a hidden erotic character).

Low Back Tattoo for Girls

Drawing sketches in women's business, if they are done competently, look beautiful and emphasize the individuality of the fair sex, as well as give tenderness and grace to her bends.

But apart from beauty and grace, to a young girl,decided on the tattoo in the lower back, should think about the possible problems in pregnancy. As it turned out, this sketch does not allow the introduction of anesthesia during childbirth. An anesthetic that passes through a puncture in the lumbar region can get even a small amount of paint, which can lead to serious complications. The whole problem lies not in the paint itself, but in the microorganisms that enter the body during the application of the pattern to the skin. Before the introduction of anesthesia into the female body, they seem to be asleep. For this reason, medical personnel try to avoid such manipulations if the girl has a tattoo in the waist.


So before you get a tattoo in the fieldwaist, should think about what consequences this can lead to. In addition, do not make the actual drawing only under the influence of fashion trends or because a similar tattoo was made by some friend.