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How to shave intimate places?

It's no secret that in our impetuouscentury intimate culture is very developed. Naturally, girls begin to enter early sexual relations with the opposite sex. And, of course, young girls are wondering about how to shave intimate places, almost with the first appearance of "adult" hair.Interesting is the fact that mankind has been fighting this "gift" of nature for more than one century. If you look into the ancient manuscripts, then you can find a lot of recipes for depilation of intimate zones. Particularly scrupulous in this matter were the residents of Muslim countries. This is largely due to the fact that Islam is a religion in which non-observance of hygiene is considered a great sin.

how to shave intimate places

Hygiene is the main thing

Every true Muslim should carefullyto follow. He needs to regularly get rid of all the hair on the body, except for those that are on his head. There are special letters, which detail how to shave intimate places, legs and armpits. Fortunately, there are many different methods of epilation. Everyone can choose the method that suits him best. But despite the fact that ultrasound and bioepilation every day is becoming more popular, yet a simple shaving machine is still considered a favorite among the lion's share of the population.

pubic hair removal
And such popularity is quite understandable.After the removal of pubic hair requires very fine work. And modern machines are safe enough and can make an excellent hair removal. However, if it is wrong to conduct such a seemingly uncomplicated procedure, then irritation may occur. It causes an unpleasant itch. And sometimes it is so noticeable that it can cause a refusal to go to the beach. In order to minimize the occurrence of irritation and not jeopardize your summer vacation at sea, you must follow simple rules.

A few tips

So, if the hair is long, beforehow to shave them, cut them as much as possible. It is still desirable to steam the skin. Open pores will promote a more smooth shave. Before shaving intimate places, it is not superfluous to hold a peeling. For this purpose, a solution of soda and soap is perfect. After peeling, rinse it thoroughly and apply shaving gel. For shaving, choose only very sharp blades. Dull will deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations. After shaving, apply a softening agent to the intimate parts. For this, lotions that do not contain alcohol, or talc, are suitable. Perhaps the most unusual means for processing an intimate place after shaving is a ball deodorant. If you decide to use it, choose one that does not contain alcohol, or a special one, intended for the intimate area.

intimate parts
In this case, you will avoid skin irritation.And one more tip. In the process of shaving do not more than two slides with a razor over the skin. In this case, one of them must necessarily be in the direction of hair growth. If you hold both slides in the opposite direction, you will get an ingrown hair. In this case, you must always seek help from a cosmetologist. Also try not to shave intimate places often. In this case, you definitely will not be irritated. We hope that our advice on how to shave intimate places will help you, and your summer holiday will be avoided by unpleasant embarrassments.