/ Tattoo on the wrist and other parts of the body. The values ​​of certain tattoos.

Tattoo on the wrist and other parts of the body. The values ​​of certain tattoos.

A person at all times is trying somehowembellish their image. One such method is the drawing of tattoos, which, as it were, inspire the person in difficult moments of life, bring some pleasant memories. Tattooing on the wrist and on other parts of the body is an attribute of adulthood, masculinity and self-confidence. That's why it's important to correctly choose the semantic design of your future tattoo.

Typically, a tattoo on your wrist isa symbol of love or it gives a special romantic charm to its owner. Such a tattoo can also be a symbol of strong friendship or fidelity. You just need to decide on the sketch and the technique of drawing. Drawings and ornament tattoos can be very different.

Types of tattoos

Now, for example, these tattoos are very popularwrist: birds, flowers of various forms, inscriptions in Sanskrit or fancy geometric patterns. Often, the masters suggest performing a tattoo in the form of a crown of thorns or a bracelet for the entire width of the wrist. There is a certain advantage here. It consists in the following: when you wear a watch, you can easily hide such a tattoo under them.

A tattoo on your wrist is usually applied in styleminiatures, i.e. the image will be small. Thus, you can apply different in form tattoos. A star on the wrist, a drawing of an animal, a geometric ornament or other types of tattoos in miniature will look very attractive. There is also the reverse side of the coin - if the miniature of the picture is not good, the tattoo will look vague, like a dirty spot.

Tattoo sleeve

A tattoo on your wrist can look anything. It can be applied to the upper part of the wrist. If you need to expand the figure to the forearm, use the services of a qualified person. Such an extended application of a tattoo with a transfer to the shoulder or forearm area is called a "tattoo sleeve". Do not be too lazy to find out the experience and qualifications of the master in this activity, so that later you do not have to "bite your elbows."

A lot of fans of tattoo make tattoo-inscriptions, using the inner part of the wrist. Then they usually complement the internal pattern on the outside. There are also reverse cases.

Tattoo at work

There are many situations when the employercan reprimand the employee for the apparent manifestation of the tattoo. To prevent such an incident from happening to you, always limit the visible area of ​​the tattoo. Then at the right time you can hide the tattoo with a sleeve. Sometimes this causes a limitation in the wearing of summer clothes.

Fashionable tattoo trends

Recently, a fashion for "pigmentedwrists. " It is meant that the tattoo on the wrist is created by a white pigment. At a distance it is not visible, but if you approach and see, this tattoo looks very fashionable and modern. This method of application is best suited to women because of the delicate and delicate texture of the pigment.

Another way to look ultramoderncan be called the application of fluorescent colors. Such a tattoo on the wrist is manifested only under the influence of special lighting, which is used in youth discos and nightclubs.

Also in the practice of tattoos are used inscriptions, which have a certain meaning. For example, a memorable date or some significant event in the life of a client.

Well, and finally we can say about combinativereceptions tattoo. This is when a certain word on one of the wrists is part of a larger phrase with a continuation on the second. Another popular trend is to tattoo different wrists in words-antonyms, like paradise-hell, good-evil and so on. As a rule, such inscriptions are applied by foreign (most often British) words. So everyone chooses the most original and suitable for themselves option of tattoo.