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Placement and effectiveness of advertising in various media

In the promotion of certain products to the market andservices, in the struggle for the consumer, the effectiveness of advertising can not be overestimated. Advertising promotes the sale of goods and services and the recognition of the brand. Channels of advertising distribution in our time are very extensive: these are outdoor advertising, and the press, and, of course, radio, television and souvenir products, and own advertising publications of companies. The effectiveness of advertising in each case is different, and when planning an advertising campaign, you simply need to consider a variety of various factors. All advertising channels have their own pluses and minuses, which have to be taken into account by the relevant specialists who start such a program.

Types and forms of advertising are different, and everywhere you need an individual approach, based on the goals and requests of the consumer audience.

Consider some of the most popular and widely used types of advertising.

Outdoor advertising

The effectiveness of advertising on the outdoorcarriers, it is large enough. These are not only shields along the roads, but also all kinds of structures on the outside of the transport, places inside buses and railway cars, luminous boxes that attract the attention of a potential buyer at night. This includes the signs of shops, and light inscriptions in open spaces.

Advantages of this type of advertising arerelatively low cost, high frequency of repeated contacts. Inside the salons - also the possibility of a long contact of the consumer with the information. Disadvantages - the lack of selectivity of the audience, the brevity of the information message.

Advertising on TV

Quite common, especially amonglarge companies the form of advertising, because it includes the image, as well as sound and color, so it affects the consumer at all levels of perception. The effectiveness of advertising, placed on television, also has its pros and cons.

Advantages: scale, visualization, a great degree of attracting attention.

Disadvantages: high cost, congestion of television channels with advertising plots, the ability to switch to other channels during the broadcast of the ad unit, not a long contact with the consumer.

Advertising on the radio

The effectiveness of advertising in this case lies in the fact that the radio can listen to consumers anywhere: at home, in the office, in the car, at the dacha and so on.

Advantages: low cost, mass, high area of ​​distribution.

Disadvantages: in the perception does not participate in sight, and in fact through it a person takes most of the information, a lesser degree of attracting the attention of the consumer, as well as the possibility of switching channels during the broadcast of the commercial.

Advertising in press

This popular type of advertising can includeas inexpensive blocks in local newspapers, and rather expensive placement in fashionable and popular magazines, advertising spots on the covers of which are thousands of dollars. Here there is a specificity for each publication, which must be taken into account. This type of advertising has its advantages, such as efficiency, flexibility, the possibility of a thematic approach. But shortcomings also exist: short-term and a small audience of "secondary" readers.

When compiling an advertising campaign, one must take into accountalso segmentation of the industrial market, as it is of no small importance in the correct approach to the planning of advertising moves. For example, regional criteria must necessarily include the characteristics of the region, demographic characteristics of the decision-makers, brand loyalty and lifestyle, and preferences of the end-user. In accordance with the built-in segmentation scheme, one can evaluate the choice of the target segment and the target market.