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BTL events - what is it? ATL, BTL events

Surely you saw in the newspaper with ads aboutsearch for employees posted requests like: "Wanted promoters, merchandisers and supervisors" or "BTL-activities: conducting and organizing." A few years ago all these words sounded funny and somewhat unpleasant for our ears, but today everyone knows their meaning.

btl events

In fact, BTL activities can significantlypromote sales growth and bring the product to a new level. In addition, this is a simple way to earn money for those who have free time after school or basic work. If you are not already in the topic, then this post is for you.

BTL- and ATL-events

Let's go back a little to decipherthe abbreviation "BTL" and "ATL". These concepts are interrelated and often used together, especially when the amount of the company's expenses for advertising is discussed. These terms have been used in large corporations and small companies since the mid-20th century, when one of the executives of Procter & Gamble corporation signed the cost estimate. It did not take into account the money that will go to distribute promotional samples of products, but this is a considerable amount. Then the head by hand held a line under the total amount and at the bottom I wrote down the missing figures.

btl events what is it

It is this feature that "gave birth" to the term thatis used to this day. Since then, those costs that go to advertising in the form of promo actions, tastings, distribution of leaflets are called BTL-events (below the line). Expenses related to direct advertising on television, radio, called ATL (above the line).

BTL activities: what is it

We used to think that work is somethingassociated with the office or plant, a permanent workplace and a strict and experienced supervisor. However, in such a case as BTL-events, everything is different. The presence of large shops and malls in your city gives an excellent opportunity to earn extra money on this kind of advertising. This is the distribution of booklets and product samples, conducting tastings, consultations on the product. It does not matter whether you have experience in this industry or not - communicative, active and smiling people in advertising are always needed. Age, too, does not matter much.

Employers prefer to deal withstudents and young mummies - this group of people is unpretentious and fairly obedient. What should you do to participate in this type of advertising and how much you can earn?

"Sell, Shura, sell"

As practice shows, BTL events aresometimes even more effective way to sell goods than expensive advertising on TV. Nevertheless, for better effect, it is best to use both of these types of advertising.

The manufacturer can not be sure that ATLwill reach the consumer. It's unlikely you like advertising and dutifully look at it, do not you? In magazines we often turn over bright glossy pages and billboards do not much consider. But agree that if in the store we are offered free sniffing new spirits or treated (again free of charge) with a piece of new chocolate, then we will gladly try the product. Why not?

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Sellers should be smiling, havingto communicate, pleasant people. Higher education is not necessary, but an innate sociability and charisma are useful. You do not know how to persuade and, in general, it's hard for you to talk to a stranger? If you need money, then in just one day of practice you will discover the gift of an orator and a friendly person.

Where to go to work

Knowledgeable people talk about BTL events, what is ita great way to earn extra money. How does this happen in practice? How is the working day being built and where is it possible to find a similar job? Pay attention to the ads in the newspaper, for example: "promoters, consultants, part-time work for students" are required. " Feel free to dial the number and ask what kind of work they offer and what is the payment. Immediately warn you that you will need a medical book.

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Where exactly you will be sent to work and what exactlyyou will do, the supervisor decides (this is the next link after the promoter). Since there are a lot of shops in the city, there are enough options for work, and therefore you can be identified for work near the house.

At what time are BTL events held?These are the hours in which people most actively visit shopping centers, that is, the evening time on weekdays and the morning on weekends. It is at this time appropriate to hold actions and other events, and therefore for full-time students, BTL-events are suitable for moonlighting as well as possible.

What kind of income can be involved in advertising

What kind of work is that, you already understand.How much money can you earn by participating in such events? The payment for work, as a rule, is hourly and varies depending on what kind of shares you are participating in. The smallest payment for the distribution of leaflets (about 40-80 rubles per hour), the largest - for advertising cigarettes, elite alcoholic, jewelry jewelry (100-500 rubles per hour).

It's easy to calculate that you can earn as much as an accountant or economist by working 4-5 hours a day several times a week.

Is there any career growth for those who work in BTL

It would be a mistake to think that when working as a promoter,you do not have a chance to grow in terms of career. In fact, this is a great start for those who like marketing and sales. After working as a promoter, you can become a supervisor. Here, in addition to communicability and the ability to persuade, you will need the ability to organize and manage. Supervisor (from English Supervise, which means "control") negotiates with the management of outlets to conduct actions, trains promoters and ensures that they work.

btl and atl events

In addition to the supervisor, you can becomebrand manager. This is an excellent profession for marketers, because the brand manager is thinking about what can be done to make the product more recognizable and purchased. Another step is the director of the department. If you do an excellent job of supervisor, then perhaps you can manage not only the work of promoters, but also supervisors.


What are the practical benefits of BTL activities? Examples are obvious - for the manufacturer of the goods is a way to increase sales, make the product more recognizable and purchased.

Also, such events make it possible to earn some money. Participating in such actions several times a week, you can earn income comparable to the salary of an office worker.