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The mink cap is its types and features. How to make a mink cap with your own hands

The mink cap remains the mostdemanded fur accessory for the winter. This precious fur is chosen by more than one generation of women who prefer beauty, warmth and exclusivity.

Always in fashion

Several years ago, mink hats were producedone shape and color. But even then the headgear was in great demand among different strata of the population. The only drawback of those caps was that they were intended for women of a certain age group. To date, this situation has radically changed. The mink cap is produced in different styles and shades. Now women of any age can appreciate all the delights of this accessory.

mink cap

Fashion yourself

Not many people thought that the headdress could bedo it yourself. It is worth considering the step-by-step instruction on how to make a mink cap at home. The master class is designed for any fashionista. To make a product yourself, you do not need to be a tailor or designer. For people who can not afford an expensive element of the wardrobe, we suggest using our instructions:

  1. For work we will need different pieces of furmink. Preferably, they will be of different shades. Many do not know how to knit, so for the basics you can take a knitted sweater or a cap. For whom knitting is not difficult, you can make a foundation with your own hands, tying it in the form of English gum.
  2. Then you need to sew the pieces of fur together. We do it carefully. Sew in small stitches on the side of the skin.
  3. Having received a cloth from skins, we spread on strips in width no more than 7 sm.
    mink cap master class
  4. Carefully cut the fur along the lines. To do this you need a sharp blade or a clerical knife.
  5. Dissolve the old sweater to the bottom of it. Here it is necessary to correctly determine the size of the head to dissolve the right amount of thread in the part. To do this, you need to attach the lower part to the head and connect the ends. They must connect closely. We take the loose loops on the spoke. If someone does not know how to knit, then we collect them on an elastic band or thread.
  6. The next important step is sewing pieces of fur tobasis. The parts must be fastened to the front of the sweater. For convenience, first fix the top and bottom of the fur strip, and then sew the middle. For beauty, you can alternate fur by color.
  7. After the fur strips are sewn, connect the elastic band with each other using a hook.
  8. We turn the product on the front side. Half of the work has already been done. Now you need to seal the top of the cap. This can be done in two ways: gently tie the tip on the spokes or sew in the insert. In our instruction we suggest to consider the second option. We make an insert from the skin, which can be cut from an old raincoat or jacket.
  9. Sew the base and insert from the inside. Then we turn it to the front. Mink cap made by own hands.

Right choice

mink cap

If you do not consider the manufacturing optionhats with your own hands, then to make a good purchase, you need to learn a few nuances for the right choice. In the age of high technology, the purchase of hats can be done in two ways: buy in a fur salon or order in an online store. It is worth mentioning immediately that you need to measure the head piece before buying. Therefore, we will only consider the first method of purchase. To choose a quality product, you need to evaluate its appearance. The mink cap must be well-sewn. If the accessory was sewn from separate pieces of fur, then they should be well fastened. A good hat should have a quality lining, from which no threads protrude. Particular attention should be paid to the fur itself. It should be even, without creases and dents, and have thick podpushek. It should not be strewed, otherwise the service life will be shortened by such a product as a mink cap. The female head in this case will be decorated with a quality accessory. Be sure to pay attention to the style. The hat should be a woman to face. A huge choice of colors and styles will decorate even the most demanding customer.

mink cap

How to store and care

If you look at the statistics, you can safelyto assert that with proper care and storage, the mink cap can last for an average of 15 years. Therefore, as soon as the winter season has passed, the hat needs to be cleared for storage. But for this, it is prepared according to the following algorithm:

  • clean fur;
  • dry it in the fresh air.

And then you can put it away for storage. If financial opportunities permit, you can give the headpiece to a special refrigerator. There, fur garments are kept at the right temperature and humidity. If you prefer to store the product at home, then we select for the cap a separate box that will protect its shape and color from burning out. In the off-season it is necessary to ventilate the cap. You can put a special protective agent against moths in the box.


In this article, we gave advice on care andThe storage of such a wardrobe as a mink hat. The female head should be warm in the cold winter days, so this product should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. Women who like to do exclusive things with their own hands, we provided a unique master class on making mink hats.