/ / To the mistress of the note: how to remove yellow spots under the armpits

To the mistress of the note: how to remove yellow spots under the armpits

how to remove yellow patches under the armpits
Every woman, if she positions herselfa good housewife, must know a lot of different secrets, how to keep everything in order and clean. And this applies not only to the place of residence, but also everything related to household chores. To replenish the treasury of knowledge, you can advice on how to remove yellow patches under the arms on clothes.

What are these spots?

First of all yellow spots under the armpits onclothes are formed due to active sweating of a person. But the reason for this can also be the use of a low-quality deodorant, which is also capable of leaving traces of yellow on clothes. You can get rid of this, you just need to know how.

Method 1: Washing

First of all it is worth trying to wash the thingin the maximum permissible temperature. To do this, you need to carefully study the label on the garment and find out the temperature for washing, which is ideal for this product. Next, in the powder compartment, fill up a half of its dose and add a tablespoon of salt and soda. If the stain is not too old and has not yet been injected into the tissue, this method should help get rid of the problem.

Method 2: Stain remover

A simple way how to get yellow patches underwith mice: just buy a stain remover. All of them are called to fight with pretty heavy spots and get rid of them. But it is necessary to know in advance whether it is suitable for the fabric from which the garment is made. This is necessary in order not to damage the thing. To use stain removers is very simple, before washing it is necessary only to put it on the product, leave it for a while, and then wash it in the usual mode.

how to remove yellow spots
Method 3. Kitchen

All the housewives know that they are excellent at removing stainsdishwashing liquid. Why not use it? It works in the same way as the stain remover: it is preliminary applied to the stain, and after a while the thing is simply erased manually or in a typewriter.

Method 4. Babushkin

The next way how to get yellow patches undermice, can tell our grandmothers. To do this, you need a white thing to simply boil in enamelware, adding the same powder and "Persol". But it is worth remembering that such a rather hard method will not withstand all tissues. Therefore, it is better to make sure beforehand that this thing will not suffer.

than wash the stains from sweat
Method 5. Nitrate

Another option than to wash away the stains from sweat. It is necessary to use ammonia alcohol. They need to pre-lubricate the stains, leave the product for a while soaked, and then just wash it in normal mode. This method is also very effective in controlling stains.

Method 6: Chemistry

How to remove yellow patches under the armpits on a coloredclothes? To do this, you need to remember a little chemistry and mix several substances. Namely: 5 parts of acetone, 3 parts of denatured alcohol and 4 parts of ammonia. The mixture is applied to the stain, and then the thing is erased. But in this case, you need a few rinses to weather the not quite pleasant smell from the product.

Method 7: Salt

There is a way to remove yellow spots fromsoft tissues. To get rid of stains on silk, you need to wash the thing in a strong solution of table salt. Wool should first be moistened with soap and then with a solution of oxalic acid. After such manipulations things are erased in the usual way.