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Women's Oxford: with what to wear?

Initially, Oxfords were shoes for men. Everything changed in the 20s of the last century, when these rough shoes on the hard soles began to be used for the sport of the girl.

In our time, you can find women in similar classic shoes on a low soles, and in elegant models on a heel up to 8 cm.

oxford with what to wear
How to choose the right Oxford women? With what to wear such shoes? These shoes on both high and low travel are actually very multifunctional. A variety of shades and finishes allow the shoes to be combined with any fashionable wardrobe.

Business classics

Models without spot finishes are ideal companions to business style clothes. A straight, narrowed skirt or a strict trouser suit and oxford will create a laconic ensemble for business negotiations.


Ironically, for a romantic style likeyou can not be better fit Oxford. With what to wear them? With an air dress on a thin belt or a wide flying skirt - any option will be successful. The main thing is to choose shoes of white, beige or cream shades. With such Oxford colors in a small flower will be very appropriate.

Style casual

Perforation gives shoes a universal look,so Oxford with small holes are perfectly completed with jumpers, jeans, shorts and dresses. It is very important to choose the right shade of shoes. It is desirable that the color of the shoes be from sand to brown.

Oxford women with what to wear

Color Spots

An interesting choice can be bright shoes. Such oxford (with what to wear them, will prompt certain rules) always look good. Bright shoes attract attention, so clothes must necessarily differ in color. It is allowed to use accents in the tone of the shoes. Suitable, for example, a necklace or bracelet in the same color. It is important that, in conjunction with bright Oxford clothing itself was as simple a cut.

With what to wear shoes-Oxford girls highgrowth? They can safely combine them with long skirts and sarafans. Thus clothes should not be flashy. Effectively look shoes with wide short pants.

It is more desirable for short girls to stop on the narrowed trousers and jeans. To visually increase the length of the legs, the ankle should be open.

Any shortened models of trousers or breeches - the best option for a kit with Oxford. Shoes lose their charm if they are worn under long jeans, and the legs will appear short.

what to wear with oxford shoes
By the way, it's interesting and fashionable to wear Oxfordsocks. But in this case, some rules can not be avoided. Socks must necessarily be short, and combine them only with trousers. And such a fashionable now-color-blocking makes it possible to choose the color of socks, different from the tone of the shoes. But White wins, as always.

Oxfords with a punching finish, on the other hand, are worn solely on a bare foot. Mods that are ready to cause an easy shock to the public, you can advise wearing shoes with golf.

If it is a question of a choice of an evening wardrobe,it is ideal to choose laconic varnish Oxford. With what to wear and combine them in this case? One of the accessories, for example a clutch, should be in tone with the shoes. And do not forget that these shoes still have a masculine basis, and therefore, do not stock them with lacy clothing, ruffles and ryushechkami.

So, advice on what color to choose Oxford, with what to wear, very necessary, but no less important is a person's own opinion. It's something that must be taken into account!