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Caps-kubanka: history of creation, description, advice on choice

Many women, even in the most severe frosts, do notlike to wear a hat, and are limited to just one hood on a jacket, coat or coat. Some can not find the model they love, others think that this hat does not suit them at all. And by the way, there is such a hat that almost all women face to face. This model is called "kubanka".

The history of the hat-kubanka

The origin of this headdress is obligedpapakha, which in the XV-XVI century, men in the Caucasus preferred to wear. It was from there that such a cap model came to Kuban. At first the Cossacks wore the hats themselves on their heads, but it seemed uncomfortable to them, as they often fell off while riding horses. Then the kubank was made a little lower, leaving the former cylindrical shape.

Among the men of the Kuban this cap was the mainwinter headdress. It was worn on weekdays and on holidays. As a female headdress caps-kubanka first appeared in the 80 years of the twentieth century. At that time, all ladies of the USSR dreamed of having it in their wardrobe. The man's Cossack cap was with a short pile, mostly of scrawl. The female version of the kubanka was made predominantly with long-bellied fur.

caps of the kubanka
Today, this winter hat is again in a trend. Models of kubanok are presented by a wide enough assortment that allows to choose each woman the variant suitable for it.

Fur hat-kubanka: description

Kubanka is a low cap that hascylindrical shape. It consists of a knitted fabric that acts as a lining and a fur rim. The cylindrical cap-kubanka has a flat bottom. In the Cossacks it was trimmed with velvet, and in modern models of caps it is covered with the same fur as the main bezel.

As a rule, the kubanka is made of natural furmink, fox, fox, raccoon. It is fluffy and warm, therefore it perfectly warms even in the most severe frosts, which is especially important for the inhabitants of northern countries and individual regions of Russia. Less common hat-kubanka of artificial fur or bound of wool.

Who will do?

To pick up a cap-kubank it will be possible to itself eachgirl. But if women with aristocratic features this model fits perfectly, chubby ladies will have to be more difficult. They need to remove the emphasis from the massive lower part of the face. This will help the game of color. For example, white women should choose taller caps that visually stretch their face.

Kubanks come in a variety of colors and shades. They can be picked up both in the tone of the main wardrobe, and under the eyes or hair.

cap of the kubanka description
Gray-eyed blondes are perfect forcap-kubanka fur gray. Brown-eyed girls will face dark brown, chocolate headdresses. Women with green eyes like kubanks with light beige fur, and the attention of dark-eyed ladies will attract black hats.

With what to wear a hat-kubanku?

On the catwalks, long-legged models carry kubanks withsummer dresses and evening dresses. But in the conditions of a real winter, such a variant of the wardrobe will clearly be inappropriate. With what are the hats-kubanka? There are several options:

  • with fur vests;
  • with a coat with horizontal fur trim;
  • with stylish insulated warm-fitting coats without fur (mandatory condition - the coat should be monophonic);
  • with shortened jackets in combination with a warm long skirt;
  • with a fur coat. But under one condition: the tone of the fur coat should completely coincide with the color of the fur trim of the hat.

a hat of a kubanka fur
Kubanka is a hat for true ladies, therefore the image as a whole should be aristocratic, touching and feminine. This cap does not fit the sports inflated and bright youth jackets.