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Cashmere coat with fur collar at the peak of popularity in 2013

It's no secret that every woman's wardrobe hascoat. The question is, how it is quality and fashionable. Undoubtedly, every girl wants to have a single, but high-quality coat. Such that it was good to warm in the winter cold, long worn, without losing the original gloss, it would always be fashionable. A lot of wishes, is not it? Is there such a thing? With confidence we declare - yes, it's a cashmere coat with a fur collar.

cashmere coat with fur collar

What is cashmere? It is a soft, light, slightly fleecy fabric that is made from the down of a mountain goat, plucked by hand or combed. Perhaps that's why cashmere is always valued very highly. Its threads are very thin and delicate, and the fabric is pleasant to the touch.

In a cashmere coat you can not freeze, just likeand choke with unbearable heat. It protects you like an air cloud. It is for these qualities that millions of people appreciate it, but some, however, complain about its high cost.

If you value coziness and warmth, then the cashmere coatwith a fur collar created for you. It can be worn in winter, and in autumn and spring. Only when it's raining or wet snow, it's better to change into a jacket or a raincoat.

This season offers a variety of modelscashmere coats - this is primarily a classic trench coat, various sweatshirts of different lengths, models with rounded, turn-down fur collars.

cashmere coats italy

A small fitted cashmere coat withFur collar rounded shape will look very good on a fragile, tiny woman. A trench coat with a sharp or turn-down collar is perfect for purposeful and business ladies who know what they want from this life.

Cashmere coat with fur - the trend of this season. Such clothes, and even length on the floor, will create the image of a female vamp, and you will catch on yourself the rapturous looks of men.

Models from cashmere with a hood this season are not infashion, as well as zippers and large buttons. A capricious fashion dictates that today's samples have a secret fastener and buttons in the tone of the product.

cashmere coat with fur

Cashmere coat with fur collar -classic clothes. And this means that it always looks stylish and dignified. Everyone who wants to look fashionable and extraordinary, you need to have cashmere coats.

Italy is a universally recognized trendsetter,including in the production of outerwear. The elongated cashmere coat from Brunello Cucinelli looks truly luxurious. It is made of a light two-layer cashmere, which is covered with magnificent folds. At first it seems that this product is made of knitwear. Fur collar and silk flower are made in one color scheme.

Another piece of Italian designart - a poncho coat. It was created based on the famous Mexican capes. This model is supplemented with a collar made of dyed fox and a leather strap. One could assume that this coat was created for the auto-lady, but the sleeves extended upwards prevented driving, that's why this product can be classified as expensive, but very nice designer whims.