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Most popular tattoo for girls on the wrist

Tattoos today are not only a decorationbody, but also a way of expressing one's personality. They cover different parts of the body in both men and women. The most popular among girls are the figures on the wrist. These can be bracelets, individual elements, inscriptions, cross-tattoo for girls on the wrist. The main advantage of a tattoo on the inside of the hand is the ability to hide it (for hours, bracelets and clothes with long sleeves). In this article, we'll look at the most popular tattoo for girls on the wrist and find out what they mean.

Tattoo for girls on the wrist


A miniature inscription on the wrist looks elegant and feminine. By the way, this is the most popular type of tattoo for today. Girls prefer to use as inscriptions:

  • quotes and sayings, often in Latin and English, presented both on one wrist and cross (the inscription is located on two wrists);
  • names of loved ones and loved ones.

Cat's Theme

Representatives of the cat family have always been universal favorites, and

Wrist tattoo for girls
especially among girls.Their images are also used for tattoo on the wrist for girls. It can be and small kittens, and wild tigresses, and graceful panthers. Where only the imagination will not lead! By the way, a tattoo in the form of a cat symbolizes independence and intelligence.

Stars and their variations

What can look nicer on the girl's hand thana little star, symbolizing hope and ambition? Perhaps nothing. Stars can be represented on a tattoo for girls on the wrist, both in a single version, and in loose form.

Zodiac signs

One of the most inexhaustible themes for tattoos are the signs of the zodiac. They can be depicted as a picture or symbol.


Tattoo for girls on the wrist in the form of a dolphin symbolize love of the sea, salvation. For a long time dolphins have been known as one of the most intelligent mammals.


As a tattoo, you can often findimages of various birds: gulls, pigeons, swallows and so on. Freedom, serenity, purity - all these are embodied by birds, as if talking about the sublime nature of their mistress.


Tattoos in the form of hearts and small hearts show the romantic nature of the girl. It is often possible to find variations in the shape of the heart and other signs, for example, a treble clef.


Tattoo for girls on hand

Another way to show your feminine and gentle nature is the tattoo for the girls on the arm. Completed in color ink or only black, they look elegant and always relevant.


Until recently, tattoos in the form of Japanese andChinese characters were quite popular, but the fashion for them is gradually disappearing. And now, rather, this tattoo will be an amateur. What is the main disadvantage of such a pattern, as a hieroglyph? And the fact that, not knowing the language, it is difficult to say exactly what it means.


We reviewed the most popular tattoos amonggirls. What you decide to do to yourself is only your choice. Do not chase after fashion and repeat someone's patterns, try to express your "I", your individuality.