/ / With what to wear blue jeans: shoes, shirt. What do blue jeans match?

With what to wear blue jeans: shoes, shirt. What do blue jeans match?

Fashion is a whimsical lady. Today she wants a piquant mini, and tomorrow she will be crazy about the mysterious maxi. Something new appears in every season: colors and shades, length or style. However, there are things, time over which is not powerful. Even experts and fashion legislators unanimously repeat that in the wardrobe every person should have so-called basic things, which will form the basis of style and fashionable bow.

Classics always remain in fashion

Blue jeans - a detail that is simply obligedbe in the wardrobe of both men and women. This element of a fashionable bow can be combined with loose shirts and strict blouses, with shoes and sneakers. With what to wear blue jeans? It's time to get acquainted with the fashion trends and classic variants of combining this element.

blue jeans with what to wear

Versatility is not a flaw

Blue jeans are a classic that is acceptablefor all segments of the population. Looking at the covers of glossy magazines, it's easy to understand that even Hollywood stars with great pleasure use this part of the wardrobe not only in everyday life. The material that is used for clothing (denim), combines the convenience of socks (it is soft and pleasant to the touch), practicality and presentable appearance.

Today, instead of luxurious and ornate outfitscame a cozy simplicity and laconism of images. And here you can not do without blue jeans, which are increasingly used by celebrities and show business stars to create an image.

Such pants can become the basis for a romantic and everyday image, they will easily fit into a set of office attire, and will also create an image of an exquisite lady, leading an active lifestyle.

blue jeans for women

Colors and shades

Before you figure out what to wear with bluejeans, it is necessary to decide what colors and shades are in harmony with the heavenly palette. This element is harmoniously combined with almost all shades. To create a fashion image you can use a wide variety of colors: white and black, delicate pink and pastel, golden and silvery, beige and deep brown.

Blue jeans with a white shirt - it's kindaclassic, which will create a stylish image for every day. And if you complement the fashionable bow with high-heeled shoes and emphasize with a stylish bag, you can get a good option for an evening hike in a cafe or movie theater.

Those who love bright colors can safelyuse purple, purple, coral, orange, emerald, red and other shades. Blue jeans perfectly blend with the printed things. So, for example, a T-shirt with images of flowers or ornaments looks great together with blue jeans.

Many people think about what to wear blueJeans, which have a slightly shabby appearance. It's about specially made holes and slits. Such things fit perfectly with slightly faded shirts of loose cut.

with which blue jeans are combined

Recommendations for the ideal image

If there are absolutely no considerations as to what to wear blue jeans, you can use standard kits that always remain in the trend and allow you to look stylish and modern:

  • Jeans blue with high waistperfectly combined with the top of the classical length and a light jacket. It's a great way to work in an office or business meeting. To the image does not look boring and monotonous, it can be diluted with bright accessories. For these purposes, a bright handbag or beads, a scarf or classical jewelry made from pearls will suit.
  • Blue jeans with a low waist are recommended to be combined with silk blouses or loose shirts. This image will emphasize the classic shoes-boats of pastel or beige shade.
  • A relaxed image for shopping trips orwalks around the city are women's blue jeans and a bright T-shirt. The set can be supplemented with a soft cardigan of loose cut or jacket. It is very good, if in the outer clothing there will also be a blue tint. This bow is harmoniously combined with shoes on a flat sole.
  • To create an informal image, thewhich will be blue jeans, it is worth choosing a plaid shirt of loose cut and a jacket-black, black or brown. The image can be supplemented with large costume jewelry (the main thing is not to overdo it), shoes with a thick sole and a shoulder bag.

Of course, this is not all the stylish images,which can be used to create bright bows. It is also worth paying attention to how harmoniously look women's blue jeans with a bright truncated top, complemented by a shirt that you can simply throw on your shoulders. This is an excellent option for a summer evening.

blue jeans with shoes

Blue jeans with shoes

Shoes create the direction of the image, so to herchoice should be taken responsibly. Here, the space for fantasy is large enough. Girls can combine trousers with classic boats or shoes with a thin hairpin, sneakers and sneakers, ballet shoes and massive loffers.

Boats are, perhaps, the most common and universal option. Picking the right shade, you can focus on the legs or vice versa - to make the image softer and neutral.

To narrower jeans of classic cut is betterjust pick up slightly aggressive shoes. In the cool season, blue jeans are better to combine with ankle boots or half-boots, decorated with massive buckles. Such an image can be supplemented with a jacket-scythe and a massive bag.

 blue jeans with a white shirt

Expert advice

There are several win-win options.thanks to which you can create the perfect image. To do this, it is not necessary to know what combines blue jeans. White sneakers, the same color of a classic-cut T-shirt and a loose jacket of dark shades - all this is diluted with blue jeans. This image can be used for shopping or evening walks with friends.

White looks great on a good figure, so slim girls can safely use tight T-shirts and tops, which only emphasize all the advantages.

Black color is also in harmony with blue jeans. However, in this case, it should be remembered that this shade emphasizes the nuances of appearance. So, choosing a black T-shirt or blouse, you should pay a little more attention to makeup and hair.

These tips will help to combine the basic element of the wardrobe so that each image caused the enthusiastic views of others.