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Gold earrings with rubies (photo)

Courtesans, ladies of half light, princes of blood, kings,billionaires of the Old and New Worlds, Hollywood stars - all of them passionately loved precious stones: colorless and colored diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and pearls. And the generosity and whims of Indian Maharajas, ordering jewelry in Europe, have become legendary. The rulers of Muslim Egypt also did not lag behind and regularly came to Europe to decorate themselves with jewels.

Where rubies are born

Since ancient times, rubies have been mined in the SoutheastAsia and Africa. They are classified not only in size, but also in color - from rich blood red to light, almost pink. There are five gradations of color. Chromium stains the ruby ​​in red. Of course, transparent, clean stones that do not have inclusions, strips and other defects are valued. But these are very expensive specimens. Ruby corundums (like natural mineral species) of good transparency and without defects at a price approach diamonds or even exceed them. A pure red ruby ​​without a single vice from Tanzania is never pink. Such dark stones are considered male.

earrings with rubies

A real ruby ​​will never be large. In the photo below you can see its real size.

earrings with ruby
Ceylon ruby ​​can have the color of pink neon.
earrings with ruby ​​and diamonds

It is often used in women's jewelry.

Especially beautiful yakhontas (the old Russian name) are poured under artificial lighting. Therefore, in order not to buy a fake, these stones must be seen in natural light.

People knew and loved rubies as talismans,which, they believed, belong to the element of fire. The beliefs associated with ruby ​​are many: this is the love between a man and a woman whom he guards; this is power and power; this is both courage and honesty. All these values ​​have a jewel. Astrologers claim that the ruby ​​strengthens the confidence in the indecisive and shy person.

Cultivated by humans

Progress does not stand still. And not only to the people of blue blood you want to decorate yourself with a precious transparent stone. In the last century in France, the first synthetic rubies were grown. From natural they are distinguished by a larger size and a special purity of color: they are very bright and beautiful. They are widely used by jewelers. Of them, make and rings, and earrings with rubies, and pendants.

Types of earrings for the ears

This ancient decoration is both male and female. Its history can be traced back to the Bronze Age, from the most unpretentious to the most complex, especially during the Renaissance.

Modern earrings have different design features and are designed to emphasize the style of their possessor.

By type of fastener, they are divided into the following types:

  • Carnations, they are pouches. Stones in the frame are attached to the ear with a pin, which is fixed by a clamp. Small red earrings with rubies are very effective.
  • Rings of "Congo". This decoration goes to the lobe.
  • Earrings with a lock-loop. The simplest clasp, but it is very reliable.
  • Earrings with English lock. They are reliable until the fastener is loose. This form is often used in the manufacture of jewelry with precious stones, for example, with a lock make earrings with rubies.

Locks can count to ten. But in the end the woman stops at one, favorite and well-established.


A man more often than a woman facesthe problem of choosing what to give to your beloved. To do this, it is best not to go to one jewelry store or look at possible options on the Internet. But the lady, wishing to make a gift to her friend, can not forget about such an accessory as earrings. Who will like this decoration? To many ladies. If the girl is on the zodiac sign Aries, then her earrings with rubies will suit her.

gold earrings with ruby

Models of modern earrings are extremely diverse. Classify them is quite difficult: the imagination of artists, jewelers, based on ancient traditions, offers many options.

Models of such decorations are modern design work.

Earrings in the form of drops are popular since ancient times. They can be very different. A drop can be made of many materials. It can be including earrings with a ruby.

And can you on the shelves find andfantasy butterflies, on the wings of which, besides rubies, there are also round sapphires. And the lock is used the simplest, but reliable, proven for centuries.

earrings with ruby ​​pictures

This earrings with a ruby, but not glowing red, and having a pinkish hue, very bright and impressive. Any girl will want to wear such jewelry.

But the butterfly may look different, a little more massive, and consist of larger stones. Earrings-pouches with bright rubies are also good.

ruby earrings white gold

These evening earrings-pendants will require that the hair of their possessor be picked up in a high hairstyle, revealing a slim neck.

Smartly and modestly look small ornaments. When making earrings, pink rubies in gold were used in the photo below.

On the ear

More refined ornaments are always complex, no matter what size they are. Earrings with ruby ​​(the photo below shows their intricate shape) look extremely interesting.

Pink ruby

The word "ruby" comes from Sanskrit("Rudhira"), where it meant "red." And all the synonyms associated with it can be translated including "lotus". With this flower are associated beliefs and representations of Hinduism and Buddhism about purity and beauty in the dark waters. They can lift a person from earthly existence into the enlightened.

Perhaps, including that, and therefore jewelers like to use all new floral motifs, creating earrings.


Very feminine and cute look rubies with pearls.

Rubies and pearls
Earring-rings with rubies will attract the attention of many.
Earrings rings

Metal - gold or silver?

Both metals are popular. Gold earrings with a ruby, especially small, creative, modern shapes are perfectly suitable for every day of your day and will not cause any allergies. Silver products have a more modest appearance compared with the gold frame, which especially effectively emphasizes the brilliance of the stone and completes the image created by the woman. Changing the shape and metal of the earrings, the lady easily changes herself: becomes a glamorous beauty or chooses a strict office image.

White gold

Creative metal will emphasize the exquisite tasteowner, if she puts on the earrings made of it. The ruby, white gold, whose cold shine will perfectly shade or the brightness of the fire, or, on the contrary, the sparkling pink of the chilly neon, look together very harmoniously.

White gold

This acquisition will be an unusual decision, emphasize the exclusivity of a sweet lady.

Diamonds and rubies

It is an unheard-of luxury, from which anya woman will take her breath away. Two almost equally expensive stones emphasize the beauty of each other. Attracting their gleams in the frame of the noblest metal wonderfully transform the woman, adding to her brightness. Usually ruby ​​is in the center in the products, and on the oval or circle it is framed by small and medium diamonds. It looks very impressive. Correctly matched earrings with ruby ​​and diamonds produce an amazing effect on both men and women. The form of jewelry, as a rule, is chosen classical - in the form of a chandelier or a circle-star, but can be fantasy.

In order not to part with your favorite stones, you can choose small earrings with small rubies and diamonds and wear them daily.

Small earrings

Especially this decision will suit those who were born under the signs of Capricorn, Leo, Aries, Scorpio or Cancer.

Fantasy form

For exits to the restaurant, luxury large earrings are chosen for the presentation, in which the blazing ruby ​​is complemented by a brilliant brilliance.


The game of stones is intensified in the evening illumination andcasts unique and attractive gleams on the woman's face, making his features noble. As if the dark or brown eyes of a girl become different, if she put on such earrings.

Gradually every woman has a small collection that she can admire in her spare time in the evening or take advantage of every day, and to go to an extraordinary event.