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All kinds of women's panties

Women's panties, the kinds of which are very diverse, are the most intimate part of the women's wardrobe. Consider how this toilet is, and how to choose it correctly.

Allocate a variety of types of women's panties, differing from each other in their purpose and cut.

women's briefs types

Panties slips. This kind of girl wears more often.This model of cowards completely closes the buttocks. In the classical version of slips, the elastic is at the waist, but at present it is inserted so that it is located somewhere in the middle of the thigh. This model of panties is perfect for wearing every day, because this type of cut is most convenient.

Thongs.This type of panties, which do not cover the buttocks at all. This model is made in the form of thin ropes and a triangle. For each day, such panties are not recommended, first, because of their inconvenience, and secondly, because of the high likelihood of rubbing or irritation. In addition, they should not be worn in the winter. These models are perfect for wearing under translucent or tight clothing due to the fact that they do not create wrinkles. Recently, there was a new model that absorbed a cut of shorts and strings, with stitched in front and behind dense inserts. This model makes it possible to adjust the figure and, in addition, looks tempting.

types of women's panties

Such kinds of female panties, like a j-string(tight, with a low waist) and a tong, are great for wearing under the clothes that have a low waist. Thanks to the low-lying rubber band, they will not look out.

Tanga are mini-panties that havehuge cutouts on the hips, and the elastic band is located almost at the waist. Panties of this model were very popular in the 90s. When the tanga only appeared, they were made of translucent or white fabric and put on a white wedding dress.

Shorts.Panties of this type resemble shorts in shape, but they are more closed and able to draw a figure. To correct the shape of the priests, shorts with elastic inserts are perfect. They will slightly raise the buttocks, reducing their original volume.

Boxers are a kind of shorts.Their main difference is that their short cut supports a sporty style. These models are mainly components of youth lines of underwear, and, despite the sporting direction, can be decorated with lace or be completely sewn from them.

Panties of the bikini type have a minimum of tissue, more precisely two small triangles, one of which is behind, and the other is in front. This model is absolutely not designed for the cold season.

Penti.They are elastic underwear, which has pulling properties. In other words, they can be called pulling pants. This effect is created with the help of seals and various inserts in the most problematic places (abdomen, hips, buttocks). In such clothes the girl will look slim in any clothes.

Do not forget that such types of women's panties, like shorts and tangs, fill even the most ideal hips.

mini panties

Tips for choosing the fabric, model and size of panties

When choosing women's panties it is very important to choosetheir correct size. To determine it correctly, you need to measure with a centimeter tape the hips around the most protruding points, and then use the dimension grid to calculate the desired figure.

Choosing the material of panties, on the advice of gynecologists,It is worth giving preference to models from natural material. In addition, doctors warn against frequent wearing of strings, the result can be not only irritation and inflammation, but also the formation of hemorrhoids.

Choosing the types of women's panties for everydaysocks, lean on your feelings, and if you have a date, choose your lace underwear. Picking up this wardrobe item correctly, you will feel comfortable and confident in any situation.