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What can you give a girl for her birthday?

Every young man who at least once in his lifechose a gift for the girl, it is beautiful, it is how difficult it is. To choose a truly worthy, unusual and beautiful present, you need to work hard, to study the nature of the chosen one, her hobbies and habits. But what can I say, even men who have lived together with their beloved wife more than a dozen years, hardly imagine what can surprise your spouse. Therefore, for help, men turn to the Internet, where they are fed up with stupid advice, provide links to unusual gifts stores and assure that "the best friends of girls are diamonds." No, I do not in any way diminish the importance of diamonds and other jewelry in the life of every lady, but believe me, we all want something truly original, chosen with meaning and soul, and diamonds ... Diamonds will wait.

One of the most frequently asked questions in thesearch engines - what can you give to a girl on your birthday? The answer lies in the girl herself. First, consider her age (young lady, young woman or lady in years), then find out the range of her hobbies. This is quite simple, even easier than it seems at first glance. She likes to read, cook, is fond of fashion or music, is obsessed with dogs or flowers? Surely you know the answer to this question, and if not, then you always have a spare exit, but about it later. So, what can you give a girl for Birthday?

Rule 1: give what she definitely likes. Imagine her reaction to receiving a gift, the reaction should be as emotional and joyful as possible.

Rule 2: in any case do not skimp on the gift! No girl will fall in love with mischief and miser. Show her your generosity, show feelings. Did she dream of new shoes? Let them be ten pairs! She wanted a record of her favorite artist? Take her to the concert! Be crazy in your manifestations, and it will be subdued!

Rule 3: flowers are not a gift. A bouquet of flowers is only part of the presentation, like a card or a bottle of wine. Believe me, men, such a sign of attention is pleasant to the ladies, but they do not consider him a gift.

Rule 4: An original gift for a friend can be chosen by asking her herself. Yes, it's not scary, and if you are in a really trusting relationship, then if it does not seem directly, then it surely will hint at what it wants to get for your birthday

Rule 5: do not give what is useful to her in everyday life. Basically, this rule applies to economic husbands seeking to maximally ennoble their homes and save them once again. And if you have not yet mastered rule 2, dear husbands, then repeat again: on gifts for the beloved, we do not save! Pan pans are unlikely to please her.

Rule 6: make her an unforgettable birthday! The answer to the question, what can you give a girl for a birthday, may not be a material gift. Traveling to the island, a trip to the mountains, a parachute jump, a walk on a yacht - it's all also a gift or a part of it. Give your favorite fairy tale, which she will remember in 10 years.

So, after these simple, but effective andtime-tested tips, you still do not know what you can give a girl on your birthday? In that case, our "secret plan", namely diamonds, is in the course. Yes, it's trite, it's predictable, it's offered to you all around, but it works! And if you have not come up with an original gift, give your girlfriend a piece of jewelry. It does not matter, from diamonds, rubies or rhinestones Swarovski it will, most importantly, that it was beautiful and refined. Ornaments are given for memory, and nothing better than jewelry, does not save the energy of a person. And the best gift for a woman is a loved one by her side, who can make amazing surprises not only on her birthday, but also on any day of the week, regardless of the mood and time of the year.