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Blue sapphires: features, properties and characteristics

Sapphires are one of the most precious stones. We will talk about them further. Blue sapphires are considered rare. They are very much appreciated by jewelers. Obtain this sky-blue stone in India, the province of Kashmir. The stone (blue sapphire) became especially popular thanks to the royal couple of Great Britain, after Prince Charles gave Princess Diana an engagement ring with this mineral. Currently, this decoration belongs to the wife of Diana's eldest son, Kate Middleton.

Name of stone

Sapphire - a kind of corundum, very hardMineral, second after diamond. He attracted people with his color and unusual mystical properties in ancient times. The name of this stone originates from Sanskrit, Greek and Latin.

blue sapphires

The Babylonian word "sipru" means scratching. After the ancient Greek language came "sapheros". It meant a "blue stone". In Ancient Greece, all the blue stones were called sapheros. And then the Latin name "safirus" appeared. So the mineral got its name.

Stone of the mighty of this world

These precious stones in ancient times were attributedmagical properties, they were considered a gift of the gods. Ornaments with blue-blue sapphire could be worn only by ministers of temples, priests. It was believed that this mineral helps them to hear and understand prophecies. In ancient India, saints decorated their robes with sapphires. The crown of Cleopatra was decorated with blue stones. The crown of Great Britain, the power of the Russian Empire, the brooch of Indian Maharaja is adorned with magnificent sapphires. The Czech ancient crown of the thirteenth century is decorated with these light blue stones. Verily, this fine mineral is the stone of rulers and kings.

blue sapphire blue

Sapphire for a long time in a variety of peopleswas associated with wisdom, justice, the desire for knowledge and the search for truth. Also, he was considered a stone, which gives people coolness, contributes to contemplation and tranquility. In eastern countries the sapphire of sky-blue color was considered a talisman of wise men. In the modern world, this mineral symbolizes prosperity, success and self-confidence.

The magical properties of the blue stone

At all times and in all religions, sapphire was considereda stone that helped to achieve spiritual enlightenment. He also positively influenced people's energy, protected the person who carried it, from deception, evil people, diseases, black magic. A precious stone (blue sapphire) helps to take life in all its manifestations, forgive resentment, give peace and joy. The cornflower blue stone, according to the ancient magicians, endowed man with a firm spirit, directed to the right path in life. To the navigators he brings luck, lovers - happiness, protection from slander, sages - a thirst for knowledge, positively acts on memory.

earrings with blue sapphire

Blue sapphires are considered to be stones thatbring luck, attract happiness to family life, help in love affairs. Astrologers advise wearing jewelry with them to those who are in search of the second half. In the future this stone will store the pure and strong love of the spouses.

Performing certain rituals, psychics use blue sapphires. With their help, they can see the past and the future.

In Indian mythology, blue sapphires were consideredspray of the sky. Brahma was scattered all around the world, when a mere mortal asked him to show the seventh heaven. The drink of immortality, touching the ground, turned into a cornflower-blue mineral.

Blue sapphires promote pacification,balance emotional state, order thoughts, concentrate man's attention on his own inner world. It is believed that with the help of this mineral you can open the third eye, to know the mystery of the universe. Also, people believed that a dishonest and evil person would not bring blue sapphire enlightenment and good luck in life. The stone in the ring on the hand of the scoundrel will eventually lose its beauty, its natural brilliance and cloudiness.

Healing properties

Since ancient times it was believed that sapphire is beneficialon the human body. This stone, which has the ability to soothe, reduces pressure. He is advised to wear people suffering from neuroses and insomnia. It also has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system, treats colds, endocrine diseases and diseases of the genitourinary system.

blue stone precious sapphire

In modern medicine, using a sapphire ray treats skin diseases and internal organs.

Modern jewelry production

Blue sapphires are considered rare minerals. They are very much appreciated by jewelers. Modern technologies allow creating artificial sapphires, which are not inferior in quality to stones created by nature. Non-natural minerals are cleaner and more transparent. This is one of the differences from natural stones. Another significant difference is the cost of products with such stones. The price of blue sapphire, extracted from the depths of the earth, is fabulous.

One carat of natural stone costs from three hundred tothousands of dollars. On the contrary, jewelry made of silver, gold and platinum with artificial stones are available and very popular. Different types of cuts allow us to reveal the beauty of the sky-blue stones.

blue sapphire stone

Noble metal with this mineral looks truly fine.

To whom does the stone fit the zodiac?

Ornaments with a blue sapphire do not fit all the signs of the zodiac. Of the twelve constellations, astrologers recommend wearing only seven, namely:

  1. Taurus.
  2. To the twins.
  3. To the Virgins.
  4. Scorpions.
  5. Streltsam.
  6. Aquarius.
  7. Pisces.


Ring with blue sapphire is a perfect giftfor a beloved woman. The reason for such an exquisite presentation can be a birthday. Valentine's Day is very suitable for such a gift. After all, it is the mineral of this color that helps in the affairs of the heart. To present a ring with a blue sapphire on the day of engagement to the only queen who has won an impregnable masculine heart - an act worthy of a real aristocrat. A pure transparent stone of heavenly color in an elegant frame of white gold or platinum will be a perfect present for any celebration. It will be an amulet that preserves and protects a deep and tender sense of love for each other.

ring with blue sapphire

A beautiful and original combination in the ringsblue sapphire with precious stones of another color, diamonds, pink topaz, as well as semi-precious, such as turquoise, pearls, agate, amethyst. A novelty in the jewelry production is black gold. It is obtained by special treatment (oxidation or sputtering) of the usual. Products made of black gold are becoming more popular due to their practicality and efficiency. Jewelry from such gold and precious stones look very original. Female black ring with bright blue sapphire is a very stylish and unusual product.


These jewelry deserve special mention.attention. Earrings with blue sapphires are amazing in any performance, whether it's yellow, pink or white gold. Platinum and diamonds perfectly reveal the rich blue color of the stone. These products attract the eye and fascinate with their cleanliness and playing the faces. Especially elegant earrings, in which the stone is fixed in the form of a suspension. The delicate interlacing of the noble metal of the upper part of the earrings, studded with diamonds, complements the fine mineral.

blue sapphire price

Beautifully look miniature pouches(stud earrings or, as they are also called, twists) of white gold, azure sapphire in a crepe tie, in which the stone is completely open, pouring, playing in the sun. Such decorations are perfect for a girl or a woman with blue or gray eyes.

Still beautiful products are magnificent earrings from yellow gold, with an English fastener and a scattering of diamonds on it. At the same time, a pale blue sapphire of a drop-shaped shape is placed in a blind fastening.

Original earrings - a combination of a sapphire of heavenly color and turquoise with a French clasp.

Men's rings with blue sapphire

The rings with these stones were worn by menantiquities. Rings with the sapphire of a rare blue were considered almost mystical. Today, the original decoration, signet or ring for a man can be purchased at the store or ordered in a professional jewelry workshop. This ring is a very stylish accessory, emphasizing the extraordinary character of its owner.

Blue sapphire in silver frame - choiceyoung people. A laconic and strict ring with such a rectangular shaped stone in a gold frame of yellow or white color is suitable for middle-aged men. Seal with cornflower blue sapphire in platinum frame - for a strong spirit and confident guy. Male ring of white and black gold, inlaid with blue sapphires - a serious claim for originality. Modern design, a combination of precious metals of different colors, a combination of heavenly diamonds with diamonds will allow a representative of the stronger sex to find a stylish and original jewelry for themselves.


Now you know what blue sapphires are. In this article, we examined the characteristics of these stones, their magical and healing properties. We hope that this information was useful to you.