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Types of cowards female and male, their names and description

A few centuries ago, underwear did not haveno relation to self-expression. It was more a necessity. There were only two standard models: female and male. Today offers abundance, many species, some of which not everyone will like. But nevertheless on any, even the most strange type of linen there is a buyer.

The choice is so rich that sometimes it is difficultstop at one thing. But any problem should be approached thoroughly, which means that if you can not find your bearings in diversity, you can first find out what kinds of cowards are there, in principle? It should be noted right away that there are a lot of variants for this wardrobe subject both for women and for men. And yet the fair sex in this plan is given far more freedom.

Women's briefs: kinds, names

What are the types of women's panties? For example, tanga. They prefer to see most men on women.

kinds of female shorts
Such a model can be found in a linen draweralmost any lady. The main reason for this - convenience. After all, underwear should be comfortable. If before the feature of the tang was that the front and back parts were joined by narrow stripes of fabric, now this model can often be confused with the most common female cowards. However, they can look very tempting, especially if they are made of lace or silk.

One of the most banal models is slips. Their main advantage is that they are almost invisible under the clothes. In addition, in them every lady will feel confident and calm.

briefs kinds of names
Therefore, this model is ideal for everyday. True, unlike the tang, slips do not give rise to any interesting fantasies in the minds of men. Therefore, to attract attention, such a model is useless.


Continuing to consider female kinds of cowards,you can not not turn to the origins, and do not remember the trousers. They underwent significant changes, turning from something more reminiscent of modern breeches to an elongated version of shorts. The classical length is up to the knee.

men's briefs kinds
But this is not the basic rule.You can easily stumble on the pantaloons in a shorter version. In any case, this model of cowards is rarely seen in the store in the usual line. Increasingly, pantaloons are perceived not as cowards, but as something that corrects the figure. Tightening models are especially popular among women who are unhappy with their own figure, or those who have recently given birth to a child, because there are options with both a conventional fit on the hips and models with an inflated waistline.


As you can see, it's not so difficult to understand,what kinds of female cowards there are. The name of the next model fully reflects the whole point. These shorts are shorts. The model looks like very short shorts. It is also one of the most comfortable, however, it does not fit under any clothing. This, of course, is only a matter of taste, but if the dress, for example, assumes that the outlines of underwear are visible through it, it is preferable to dispense shorts with shorts, and wear something less attractive.


As you know, not all kinds of cowards for women are convenient. The most direct confirmation of this is the thong. This, in fact, two small pieces of cloth, connected together by an elastic band.

types of cowards
And the back of the female body remainscompletely open, except for a small rope between the buttocks. One can not help but note the more challenging C-strings, which do not have ropes at all. The fabric is held in place solely by silicone folds. However, there are other, less exaggerated options. For example, V-thongs assume the presence of a triangular piece of tissue and from behind. When choosing a thong, you need to remember a few things.

First - it is not recommended to wear this model for a long time without interruption. The second - in the period of menstruation, it is better to give up thongs altogether.

This is all the main types of women's panties.The name on which it is best to stop your attention, every woman decides on her own. Still, you need to remember that underwear should not only be sexy, but also comfortable. It is very nice to put on a beautiful, but you can not feel like a queen, if you experience discomfort.

If we talk about what kinds of cowards existfor men, it should immediately be noted that there is not such a strong variety. Although the fact that many designers are developing collections of underwear for both men and women is very encouraging. Perhaps the limited nature of choice is not such a big problem for a strong half of humanity. After all, cowards are not the main thing in a guy.

Men's briefs: kinds

The most common male modelsare family (otherwise boxers), briefs and trunks, but not only. There are more non-standard options, designed for some special cases and not suitable for daily wear.

types of panties back
The most popular models are, unquestionably, boxers.They are very convenient because of their free cut. In addition, they are usually made from natural fabrics. Thus, this underwear is perfect for summer time of the year. True, boxers do not vilify with shorts or with classic trousers. Since they will simply be visible through clothing. In the event of an exit, it is better to choose narrower models or those that are shorter. The first, a wide version, designed for unofficial clothing, is called otherwise family trunks, and those that are quietly worn with a suit - hips.

Briefs and trenches

Men even lose to women inexisting variety, but their underwear has a lot of functions. Women's panties for the most part do not hide anything. They are aimed at showing, on the contrary, the delights of the body. But the standard versions of men's underwear can not only correct the shortcomings, but also emphasize and highlight all the main virtues. Types of panties, made of elastic materials, cope with this task best. For example, briefs - tight men's briefs. There are also trunks. These two models are very similar to each other. Only briefs are slightly longer than trunks. Such models as if created for tight clothing. Similar to them and slips, the shortest men's briefs. The last convenient for men variant of cowards is swimming trunks. Their charm lies in the fact that they are suitable for things with a low landing.

what kinds of cowards are there
But this is not all men's panties.The species, which will now be discussed further, are inconvenient, so they are less popular. Is in the men's wardrobe and thong. They are exactly the same model of panties as women's thongs. Buttocks in this laundry are almost open. On the sides are thin rubber bands. In front, everything is closed with a small piece of cloth.

Joki and Open

What kinds of cowards are there, from behind which are notclose the buttocks? For example, joki. In front, they protect the body, the genitals. The tightening effect of this model is achieved due to the circumferential tightening of the male buttocks with elastic bands on the sides.
Open (pouch) - panties, in which everything behind is open. In front there is a small bag on the elastic band or belt.

Choose comfortable underwear!

Having become acquainted with everything that today offersmarket, everyone will decide for himself what is right for him. It is clear that often the choice of clothes depends on the clothes that will be worn. For this reason one often has to turn to not the simplest models. And, of course, what woman does not want to surprise her man with a new set of underwear? But in fact, one should never forget that panties should be comfortable and only then attractive.

types of panties for men
Therefore, in free, everyday time is betterto stop at something as simple and free as possible. Only in the event that nothing hinders, you can be sure that the cowards are matched correctly. And if this is so, then you can definitely not worry about your health, do not think about how you can walk in this underwear at all.

A small conclusion

Here you know the types of men's underwear and types of women'scowards. We indicated their names in the article. Now you can easily deal with this issue. I would like to say more about what pants should be chosen for daily wear. Proceeding from the physiology, and not from the aesthetic qualities of the underwear, we can conclude that there is nothing better for women than slips and tangas, just as it is very convenient for men to wear boxers. And if monotony suddenly gets bored, there is nothing complicated. Today, different kinds of cowards allow you to constantly change something.