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What are the interesting men's panties with jokes?

Recently, the popularity of steelto use men's panties with jokes. Some sellers notice that sometimes they are bought even more often than expensive linen of famous firms. This interesting fact requires a detailed explanation.

Perfect gift

There are people who belong to the underwearmore conservative, considering it only an indispensable part of clothing. They prefer classic models of well-known brands, executed in low-key tones. But there are those who like men's panties with jokes. And this is not surprising. Most often these things are bought by women. They use them as gifts on February 23 and other holidays. To strengthen the desired effect, it is necessary to carefully approach the semantic content of the inscriptions.

men's panties with jokes

For example, phrases like "I can do everything", "Young andhot "will be more suitable for teenagers and young men, given their slightly overpriced self-esteem at this age. Girls often also give their chosen men's panties with jokes. Such a present is considered more intimate. Especially if it has an original image or a "talking" inscription. Such a thing can sometimes even lead to a transition to a new level. Women in marriage also give their second half men's panties with jokes. In this way they manage to express their attitude towards their loved ones. In case of suspicion and mistrust, you can always choose a model with an inscription, for example, "The Property of the Wife" with a picture of a large padlock. This will be a frank hint and at the same time a sign of attention. Men always love to have a heightened interest in them.

Popular Models

Unusual inscriptions and playful drawings can be doneon any items of underwear, ranging from family panties and ending with thongs. Men's boxers with jokes are the most popular.

men's briefs boxers with jokes

There are two main reasons:

  1. The original model is a type of tight shorts inrecently more and more like the representatives of the stronger sex. It is very comfortable, does not bind the body when walking and provides complete freedom of movement.
  2. The size of the product is most suitable for applying effective additions. Due to the peculiarities of the form, any text on them is well read, and the picture can be viewed in full detail.

As a rule, the inscriptions are made in a jocular manner, andsome drawings can even be very frank and provocative. In this case it is necessary to know your man well, to suggest that he put on such underwear. It is possible that such a modest gift can lead to a big scandal. Therefore, it is better to choose such jokes, which can not offend anyone or hurt.

An unusual present

In modern life, people tend to be calmrelate to the fact that someone could frankly express their thoughts and desires. The sexual revolution has done its work, and now the people are enjoying its fruits. This is reflected also in the appearance of underwear. Take, for example, male panties with a joke "elephant". There are different options, but the funniest of them is a thong with an animal's head instead of the front end.

man's panties with a prikolom elephant

To enhance the effect, it can be supplemented by largeears and lush hair. The model is perfect for youth parties in a narrow circle. In addition, in the event of a quarrel, this item can be used as a means of reconciliation. What girl will be able to hold back a smile when she sees this? And when, during a kiss or a hot embrace, the elephant has a trunk, a desire to reconcile with it will immediately appear. There are also warmed options for a good elephant. Panties made of dense knitwear, will help warm the owner of his manhood. In the cold season, this may not be superfluous. But, as a rule, such samples are used by guys with a sense of humor and just for the sake of joking.