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Ring with alexandrite: description, photo, selection rules

Alexandrite is a stone of rare beauty, a realjewel. At a cost, these stones are among the top five most expensive, and some nuggets at a price superior to diamonds. Of course, for a wonderful stone you need a suitable frame, so today we will talk about rings with alexandrite.

alexandrite ring

History of the stone

Alexandrite was first found in 1833 in the Urals,mistaken for the emerald. And the thing is that in daylight this stone has a green color. What was the surprise of the miners, when later they discovered that their "emeralds" had acquired a blood-red shade!

Soon the new stone was identified, studied and even presented to the imperial family. The name of the stone was given in honor of the 16-year-old heir to the throne, Alexander II.

Fashion on alexandrite swept through the capital withfurious speed. However, only the elite could afford such luxury. After all, as then, and now, alexandrite - one of the rarest stones related to the precious. Only members of the royal family and close to them nobles could acquire alexandrite jewelry. In those days, the gold ring with alexandrite cost a fortune.

gold ring with alexandrite

Features of the stone and how to distinguish a fake

Alexandrite changes its color from green toblood-red, in the interval turning to yellowness. The ring with alexandrite, the photo of which sometimes seems an illustration to a fairy tale, always feels the health of the hostess, and not just the lighting. It is also believed that a change in color to yellow shades can promise the approach of trouble. There is this nugget and other colors, less common: grayish, lilac, yellow. But the transition from green to red is a must. Crystals that do not have these shades are not alexandrite. If your alexandrite ring does not turn green and does not turn red, the stone is artificial.

Another important detail is the nuggets of this stonealways small. Stones weighing 2 carats are already a rarity. 3-carat in the history of mining, only a few were found. Look carefully at the ring with alexandrite - too large gem should alert!

Are you just going to purchase the decoration?Be sure to keep in mind that in view of the rarity and high price of these stones, they basically do not fall into consumer goods. If the seller has all the sizes of the ring you like, run away! Silver ring with alexandrite should also cause a rush of skepticism. Why fix expensive stone in a very low-cost metal? Such decorations are rather an exception to the general rules. Usually, gold or platinum is used.

Deposits and alexandrites from Alexandria

Rare alexandrite stone for a long timewas mined in the Urals. Today the deposit is closed, as the subsoil has exhausted its stock completely. A well-known deposit in Sri Lanka. In color, Ceylon gems are closer to the olive scale, in contrast to the Ural - bright green. This stone is also mined in Africa - in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Madagascar. Another well-known deposit is in Brazil. Only in the depth of the shade, neither African nor Brazilian stones can match the bright green Russians, whose beauty does not fade with age.

silver ring with alexandrite

Those who rested in the Mediterranean, for sure notonce met the sellers who offer to buy alexandrite cheaply and quickly. Yes, and the local bike probably heard: that the name of the stone owes Alexandria. There is no shred of truth in this. Rings from the Egyptian market - a fake, a fairy tale is invented for gullible tourists.

"Made in USSR"

Surely even today there are a lot of those who gotfrom the grandmother the Soviet ring with alexandrite. The stones in these rings are very beautiful, the cutting of the old Soviet jewelry school is still famous. One trouble - the range of their shades ranges from pink to lilac. And this, as we have already explained, speaks of the artificial origin of the stone.

soviet ring with alexandrite

The fashion for alexandrite in the USSR was simply universal.And most of our compatriots are sure to this day that alexandrite should be lilac. In fact, not one stone produced in the Urals in the free sale has never been found. The Alexandrites were considered a strategic product in the USSR. Jewelry factories worked only with a synthetic analog.

Signs and superstitions

Before you buy a ring with alexandrite,many often think about the ambiguous fame of this gem. Someone calls him widow, someone is sure that he will make his mistress alone. These superstitions went from the 50s of the last century, when the fashion for alexandrite swept the world once again. What was the number of widows in the world, just survived the most terrible war? But is there any wine in this stone? And how many percent of widowed women could afford to buy a ring with natural alexandrite? Speech in the vast majority of cases can only go about artificial stones.

In any case, since then it has been believed that a ring with alexandrite must be supplemented with a pair of earrings, a pendant or a brooch with the same stone.

There are signs not only of consumers, but also ofmining companies. Ural miners once tried to avoid touching alexandrite, because it was believed that after them they would never again be able to extract emeralds. And without that a rare stone remained in the bowels ...

Terms of purchase

First check the certificate.It will specify the color, the transparency of the stone, the shape of its cut and, of course, the deposit on which it was mined. Pay attention to the size, avoid large stones.

alexandrite ring photo

Remember that alexandrite is expensive, withinseveral thousand dollars per carat. Do not trust random sellers, look among the products of world famous companies and at auctions with a good reputation. And most importantly - choose the ring with alexandrite, which will please you. After all, sometimes even a simple polished stone with a low level of transparency can bring its owner much more joy than a faceted crystal with the highest levels.