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Swimsuit separate - fashion trends of the beach season 2013!

The main object of the beach wardrobe, outsideno doubt, is a swimsuit. Despite the openness of such clothes, the variety of shapes, colors and decorative elements of swimsuits allow each woman to choose her own individual style, which at the same time will hide the shortcomings, if any, and underscore the undoubted merits of the figure.

Swimsuit separate
In the beach season of 2013, as in previous years, the swimsuit reigns separate, relevant and on the beach, and on a foam show, and in the pool.

Annually, the world's leading designers invariablydetermine the fashion trends of the coming year. The prevailing style this year has not been determined, so the beach will reign supreme bikinis of different styles. A fashion trend of summer 2013 will be a separate swimsuit in retro style. A feature of the style is a rather wide bodice, in which there are no straps, and shorts or panties up to the waist, modeling the flaws of the figure. The advantage of this style is the visual emphasis on the upper body and the concealment of the disadvantages of the lower part. Some models of swimsuits are complemented by belts. This allows not only to focus attention on the waist, but also visually reduce this part of the body.

With regard to the style of the 50s, we should addwhat, according to designers, a swimsuit separate with a high waist makes a woman more feminine and sexy. So it or not, they will be able to experience on themselves the fair sex representatives this summer, preferring retro style.

Swimsuits joint

For fans of frank models beach seasonoffers a huge amount of classic bikinis. Leafs of swimwear of this style are abundantly decorated with various decorative elements, such as bows, rings, ties, ruffles, flounces. By the way, thongs and panties-tanga are absolutely not popular this year.

Also to the peculiarities of this season followsattributed to the fact that an expensive swimsuit separate brand manufacturers will differ in the minimum number of decorative elements. Chic swimwear this season will not be catchy, in favor - simplicity. Only one accentuating detail is allowed, for example, unusual bodice rings or lacing on the back. A certain restraint can be traced and in the coloring - these are monochrome shades of the classical color scale. The clarity of the lines, the simplicity of cut and the minimum of accessories - these are the distinguishing features of the brand swimwear of the 2013 season. Designers explain this laconicism with the desire to focus all attention on the ideal figure.

Two-piece swimsuit
In addition, in their opinion, the stricter the line, the slimmer the silhouette.

But for those who still prefer bright colors,the hit of the current season is suitable - a swimsuit separate shining shades of precious metals, which has already been determined the sexiest trend of the coming summer.

Another color preference for this beach season is seaside prints and various combinations of shades of blue.

For lovers of closed styles offereddesigners swimwear joint have the same fashion trends as separate bathing suits. Still at the peak of monokini popularity. The only nuance this year is that the sporty style is completely replaced by femininity, so the tankini can only be used as a beach volleyball form.