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What do cowardly panties look like?

What they are, panties tanga, which have become very popularin the eighties of the last century? What is their appeal? This article gives a brief description of the models of these panties, as well as their negative impact on the body.

Thong panties

His popularity of cowards initiallypurchased in Europe and America, after which they won the love of consumers in the post-Soviet space. This small piece of fabric is perfectly combined with tight or translucent clothes, giving the figure an attraction and sexuality. Therefore, these panties are popular today not only in women, but also in men.

Panties in the classical version are presentedin the form of a thin rope or a strip of fabric that connects the triangles of tissue located at the front and back. They should be distinguished from strings, which are very similar in appearance. The difference of panties tang: in the back they are made in the form of the letter T (hence their name). In addition, they have no seams, and on the sides are just narrow strips of tissue. However, recently in the market of underwear there are models of panties tang and thong, which are difficult to distinguish from each other.

Tanga Briefs

Despite the fact that this model of underwearrather compact and has a similarity with other panties, panties tang are divided into four more types. Of course, it's hard to imagine, but let's try to figure it out. First, the models of panties tang are denoted by the letters of the Latin alphabet: T, V, G and C.

  1. T-tang panties are presented in the form of three thin strips intersecting each other.
  2. G-tang panties on the back have a small triangle of fabric.
  3. V-tang panties are similar in shape to the previous model, but do not have a tissue center.
  4. S-tang panties are considered to be the original model, as they are devoid of side gum, and on the body are held by silicone strips attached to the ends of panties.

Secondly, there are not only women's pantiestanga. Male models are made with anatomy in mind and look at the body very harmoniously. Outwardly they look like ordinary swimming trunks, but they are presented in the form of triangles, holding on elastic bands. If these panties are made of natural breathable material, then they can be a good replacement for men melt. Men's thongs are considered an erotic option rather than everyday wear.

Thongs for men

Speaking of women's panties tang, it should be mentioned that there is a wide selection of swimwear models with fusions of this style. They provide an even tan to their owners.

Panties are made fromhigh-quality cotton with the addition of elastin, so they are completely safe for the body. There are also synthetic products, but it's better to refrain from buying them. They disrupt the skin breathing, leading to irritation, rash and excessive sweating.

It is not recommended to wear tango panties regularly,because there is a possibility of developing a disease of the bladder or appendages, as well as hemorrhoids. This is due to the thin rope that passes between the buttocks. It plays the role of a hotbed of bacteria that live in the rectum. But this does not mean that it is strictly forbidden to wear thong panties: it's not recommended to simply wear them daily, and also at night.