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Most popular tattoos: crown on the wrist

Nowadays, young people are trying to be as bright as possiblestand out among the gray masses and show their individuality. One way to express yourself is to apply a variety of tattoo designs to the body. There are a lot of different options: tattoo crown on the wrist, short phrases at the waist, crosses, skulls, etc. However, in order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should study the image values ​​in detail, otherwise you can regret the drawing.

The most popular tattoos on the wrist

tattoo crown on the wrist

Often, young boys and girls as a placeto apply a symbol, choose a wrist. Earlier on this part of the body were applied only drawings in the form of bracelets, since it was believed that such an image bears magic and strength. They did both girls and boys. Particularly in demand bracelets, in which the crown is woven, because the tattoo crown on the wrist is of particular importance. Now, thanks to the fact that this direction has developed, in the tattoo parlors there is a huge selection of drawings.

For the application, various inscriptions are available,ornaments, photos - in general, everything that your heart desires. Female representatives have a special demand for small floral drawings. Young couples prefer to make tattoos in the form of a part of phrases, at the combination of which words acquire meaning. Despite such an abundance of options, tattoos in the form of bracelets have not lost their popularity. They continue to choose both boys and girls.

Tattoo crown on the wrist - what does it mean?

Before choosing to apply this symbol, you need to ask, and what value does it carry.

At the very beginning, when the technique was borntattoos, the image of the crown symbolized the person's belonging to the noble family, to the elite. Now the tattoo crown on the wrist means the desire to rule, leadership, nobility and courage of its carrier.

crown on the wrist tattoo value

Also very often, next to the crown, moreone character that can completely change the value. So, for example, if you depict the heart next to the crown, then such a fusion will mean constancy, and the crown above the turtle's head is a calm and long life.

Crown on the wrist - a tattoo. Significance in the criminal world

The image of the crown is in demand and in the worldcrime. There it has a completely different meaning. The crown in crime will symbolize that a person has committed a serious crime and is not going to go to rectification. If the crown is placed over the head of a snake, then such a pattern will mean that its carrier is a thief in law.

Most often a place to apply this tattoochoose shoulders or chest. The image of the crown on the back is considered a sign of humiliation. If it is depicted next to a deck of cards of a red suit, such a design will mean that the owner of it is a passive homosexual.

tattoo crown on wrist Photo

Should I give my crown to the wrist?

The crown tattoo on the wrist refers more towomen's themes. However, young people also sometimes choose this image. A small sign of the crown looks pretty neat. It can be made original, if you put under the crown of a philosophical maxim, close to the soul. Thanks to fantasy, you can create a unique drawing that will carry a certain value solely for its owner.

If the flight of fantasy is not enough, thenyou can contact the professionals to create an original sketch that will not be repeated exactly. But it will be worth the extra cost. More budgetary version of the crown crown tattoo on the wrist - a photo published in the global network. It will be enough to print out the image and take it to the chosen tattoo parlor.