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Heys suitcases: review, models, manufacturer and reviews

Heys is a well-known company.It was created in Toronto in 1986. Since then, Heys suitcases have begun to rapidly gain popularity throughout the world. And it's not just a well-known baggage company. Heys suitcases are a symbol of luxury while traveling thanks to high achievements in the field of manufacturing quality. They are admired by many celebrities. In a word, they received adoration all over the world and international recognition.

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Heys suitcases - light and durable models

So, in order.Heys suitcases are made of very light, elastic and at the same time sturdy materials. They are incredibly resistant to various deformations and are able to immediately assume the same form. Heys suitcases do not crack in the frost, mechanical impacts and impacts are transferred with little or no visible damage. Of course, for models transported in luggage offices, this is very important. As a rule, the suitcases are covered with a special protective layer. This gives them a spectacular glossy shine. In this case, the artistic seal is protected.

Suitcases suit all requirements,nominated by most of the well-known domestic and international air carriers to the dimensions of luggage and hand luggage. Branded code locks allow things to be unharmed.

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Many amenities

For today in the modern marketBoth adults and children's suitcases Heys are presented. They are equipped with four comfortable full-speed wheels. The system provides for a uniform redistribution of the load for each of them. And this, in turn, allows you to smoothly and maneuverably roll your suitcase without applying any special effort.

Retractable telescopic handle, equipped with a button lock, makes it possible to adjust its height. Thus, the user receives additional comfort and convenience.

The volume of the suitcase can be increased if necessary by a special valve. To do this, you need to unbutton the zipper, located on the periphery of the product.

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Variety of models

Buyers simply can not help but pleaseassortment of presented suitcases. All the collections are very interesting in their own way, however the most popular of them are XCase Exotic models. "Animal Print", and not only, it looks very advantageous on these interesting products.

Wonderful, vivid and memorable modelsCrocodile, Giraffe, Leopard, Snakeskin, Tiger, Zebra, Skulls are purchased by all people who want to look stylish not only in everyday life, but also on a journey. Considerable attention also deserves the models Butterfly, A new day, Landscape.

Well, and your child will definitely enjoy the cute children's suitcase Heys Disney. Among this collection there are options such as Cars, Mickey, Nemo, Pooh.

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Customer Reviews

And finally.Suitcases Heys reviews about themselves are extremely positive. And this is not surprising. Excellent quality, bright stylish design, comfortable and comfortable models - all this is extremely pleasing to the consumer.

Well-spoken about children's suitcases are young parents. The child himself is happy to carry his things, going on a journey.

The cost of the models, of course, is not availableto each. Only those consumers complain that they can not buy such an excellent thing. However, the quality and comfort are worth it. However, the suitcases between themselves cost different. Children's models, for example, cost about 70 US dollars. Well, the price of an adult suitcase, by itself, is a little higher. Especially among them, too, there are completely different options.

For example, BioCase Collection will require you tocosts of 2,200 US dollars. And this is not at all surprising. Such a suitcase can even "recognize" fingerprints. It opens with the help of a built-in biometric scanner. Up to eight prints are stored in memory. Administrator is the person who first memorized his data. Change the number of prints in the future can only be with his direct permission. People who have purchased such a model, are simply amazed by this miracle of technology, judging by the reviews.

In a word, Heys suitcases aremagnificent, high-quality, stylish, comfortable options. If you have the opportunity to make such a purchase, rest assured: you will not regret it in any way. Any of the models presented by the company will serve you very long, pleasing you with its convenience and comfort.