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Underwear "Intimissimi": stores in Moscow

When it comes to clothes for every day, it is important to make the right choice. "Intimissimi" are shops in Moscow, which are very popular among stylish and confident women.

History of the brand "Intimissimi"

The history of underwear began from ancient times,when people covered the intimate places with bandages and did not at all imagine what would happen to them in a few centuries. For a long time, underwear was not paid attention. It was a shapeless shirt or shirt, only in the second half of the 18th century pantaloons were invented. But it was more clothes for men.

A huge number of shops of underwearopen again and again. They are trying to become legislators of the world fashion among underwear. But the company "Calcedonia" succeeded. In 1986, a new direction of the Italian brand was created, which was already on everyone's lips. It was decided to produce women's underwear along with stockings and pantyhose. And this direction literally amazed the female audience. In 1996, Intimissi was separated, becoming an independent Italian brand.

Shop "Intimissimi" - the choice of millions of women

For any woman, the choice of underwear isa separate story. I want to go to the store and feel desirable, attractive, sexy. The network of shops Intimissimi in Moscow keeps pace with the times and always keeps pace with the latest trends in the fashion world. In stores there is always a huge choice.


Do you have a romantic evening?Elegant and sensual lace underwear will suit you. You went in for sports, decided to run in the morning or just signed up for a dance club - choose a comfortable, casual seamless underwear. The store has linen for any occasion, be it a wedding or a business dinner, you will feel comfort, and with it - self-confidence.

"Intissibles" - favorite store

Despite the fact that underwear is created according to all the canons of modern trends, the price for it is not overstated and remains available to all buyers with medium incomes.

Your favorite store, of course, will be "Intissimony". Shops in Moscow this brand is in every district. You do not need to go to the other end of the city to please yourself with your favorite purchases. It will be enough for you only to find out the address of the "Intissibles" closest to your home.

Going shopping, be sure to go toyour favorite store "Intissimi" (underwear). Shops in Moscow work for buyers for 12 hours a day without a break for lunch, so that throughout the day you will be able to please yourself with wonderful purchases.

The store has a catalog where you can seethe whole range of goods. It's enough just to consult a consultant, and he will orient you where you can see the kit you have selected. Also, the seller-consultant will help you choose the size and model that will suit you. Tell about the tissues and how to take care of the underwear, so that it will serve you longer.

Each component of the kit hangs on a separatehanger. You do not have to look for something in boxes or on shelves. For convenience, each item has a price tag. You can immediately navigate, try on the chosen model or not.

Catalog "Intissimony"

Every year new shops open"Intrusions". Shops in Moscow are replenished with a huge amount of goods every week. You can find everything you need for yourself and for your man. The assortment of goods includes:

  • Brassieres. On bones, owners of lush breasts, push-up bras, strapless, with foam and without it.
  • Underpants. Panties thong and tango, classic shorts, brazilian, decorated with ribbons and bows, hipsters, setochki.
  • Collection for a wedding day. Starting with a bra without straps on bones and ending with a mischievous, playful garter.
  • Clothes for good night.
  • Various accessories that give your image even more sexuality.
  • Panties for men, boxers, cotton pajamas, home shans.
  • Female combinations, belts for stockings, body, corsets.

"Intimissimi" - stores in Moscow - will give you the joy of choice for yourself and your loved ones. A gift certificate to the store will be the most necessary and pleasant gift for any person.

Intrisity stores in Moscow

Addresses of shops "Intissimi"

For the selection of linen, come to the stores Intimissi in Moscow. The addresses of the stores are listed below.

In each district of Moscow you can find yourscore. Returning home from work, look to see the replenishment of the goods. If you go on a holiday, give the person the opportunity to find out what comfort is in motion with the Intimissimi store. Shops in Moscow work without lunch and weekends. In every store, experienced salesmen will answer any of your questions regarding the product.

Thousands of positive reviews and flatteringstatements about the quality of the goods were collected by stores "Intissimi" in Moscow. Addresses of shops in the center will be convenient for any person: Tverskaya street, 6, Manezhnaya square, 1 and shopping center "Metropolis". If you want to always be in a good mood, like yourself and your man, be a sexy and elegant woman, your choice is a branded underwear store called Intimissimi.