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Cross pendant, male and female

In all centuries the peoples used crosses, which had many different meanings. Usually the cross symbolized the worship of the gods, religious movements and the manifestation of life values.

In the modern world, great popularityuses a pendant-cross. It is worn by both women and men. The pendant is practically no different from the ordinary cross. The pendant-cross also protects and protects the wearer from troubles and ravages. There are many different crosses. Consider their main types and where they came from.

pendant cross

Cross Ankh

The cross Ankh came to us from ancient Egypt.In the Egyptians, he symbolized immortality. It was believed that the bearer of the cross could not die in battle or be mortally wounded. From ancient legends it is known that Ankh is the key to the doors of paradise. In ancient Scandinavians, such a cross was also a symbol of immortality and getting rid of mental and physical torments.

The pendant-cross has the form of an oval crown that rises above the t-shaped pillar. In our time, this pendant is used by both men and women, decorating it with carving and various stones.

Celtic cross

The Celtic cross came to us from the ancientChristianity of the Celtic nationalities. From time immemorial, it symbolized clean air, clear sun, earth and clean water. This cross has the form of a closed ring among equal rays. This fact explains the meaning of the cross - closure and full cyclic action.

In Ireland, it is believed that the Celtic cross isfirst of all, the unification of the sun and Christianity, which gives the latter invisible power and magic. He is equated with a solar deity, which gives strength to each of his bearers.

Today, the Celtic cross-pendant is very popular among members of neo-Nazi movements. It is used as the very symbolism.

pendants in the form of a cross

Latin Cross

The Latin cross is a Christian symbol,which denotes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Such a cross denotes death, the death of a person. Since ancient times, apart from the symbol of death, he also implied the resurrection of the soul of the deceased. In the Orthodox faith, the Latin cross was always interpreted as "cut off" or "chopped off". It has the form of two lines - horizontal and vertical. The horizontal line crosses the vertical line higher than the middle of the cross, which indicates the superiority of the higher mind over the person.

In connection with the designation of the resurrection for todayThe day of the Latin cross is worn as a pendant guarding a person from death and giving strength to life. This pendant-cross is suitable for both women and men.

celtic cross pendant

The Archangel Cross

Archangel Cross from time immemorial was consideredspecial, not like all symbols. He designated the archangels and was considered a shrine. It was used exclusively by Christians. They considered it to be a distinctive sign of the saints, who held patronage over believers.

Archangel's cross has the form of three steps, which denote the names and virtues - Faith, Hope and Mercy.

To date, this kind of crossis common among people of the Christian faith. And the pendant-cross for men is no less important than for women. It is usually decorated with engraving and carving for men, a variant with stones for women is possible.

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Orthodox cross

Orthodox cross for many centuriesIt is actively used in the Christian church as a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his quick resurrection. The cross has the form of a vertical line intersected by two lines - one horizontal at the top and one sloping at the bottom. Often, the cross shows carvings in the form of a pile of skulls, which speaks of the fallen Adam. This is because the bones of Adam and Eve were washed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it was in this way that the blood washed away all sins from humanity.

The Orthodox cross also today hashuge popularity among both women and men. Also, pendants in the form of a cross are worn by teenagers and children. It is used to protect a person from evil, evil spirits and demons.

On a cross often do engraving and carving, where they depict Jesus Christ and the inscription. Among the engravings, the most common is "Save and save".

pendant cross for men

The Greek cross

The Greek cross has the appearance of the same crossbeams,which are crisscrossed. It was used in ancient times. He symbolized the sun, water, earth and fire - all the main parts of the world, of which he consists.

In ancient times the Greek cross was considered to be Russian. This is due to the fact that Prince Vladimir took him out of Korsun when he was baptized and placed on the banks of the Dnieper.

In Greece, this kind of cross was symbolic of victory over the Turks, with whom there was a constant war. It was believed that a man who wears such a charm, can not perish from the hand of the enemy.

To date, the Greek cross-pendantuse in various youth movements as a symbol of life and victory over enemies. The most common movements (subcultures) that use the cross are goths, punks, skinheads. It is decorated with stones, rhinestones and carvings.

The solar cross

The solar cross has the form of an equal on the sidesPerpendicular, which is sharpened in a circle. There came such a cross from the ancient Slavs who considered it a symbol of immortality and a long life. They used it as an amulet, and for this reason it was depicted on clothes, furniture, ornaments and even walls.

The meaning of the solar cross is exclusivelyin the self-development and self-knowledge of man, in his spiritual and aesthetic world. In ancient times it was believed that the sun is opposed to evil, because it is bright and clear. That is why the cross pendant has the shape of a circle and a cross.

Today, the solar cross is known as a pendant that protects a person from darkness and anger. It is made of various materials with stones and rhinestones.

It is necessary to draw a conclusion that when choosing a crossit is necessary to take into account its symbolism and significance, because every thing that is treated as a charm, pendant or amulet can have a direct effect on a person and his fate.

The important thing is that the pendant-cross looks very beautiful - the photos used in the article show it. What kind of option to buy for yourself, decide for yourself.