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Beautiful lush dresses: photo, description

Dresses in which lush skirts are present,suitable for any type of figure. Unsuccessful physique can cover up the properly chosen style of the magnificent dress and also emphasize the dignity of the figure. Such dresses decorate with various ornaments, creating the necessary image for a special event. Ruffles, ruffles, flounces, draperies, bows, satin ribbons, sequins, beads, precious stones and many other ornaments are used for decorating festive dresses. Lush dresses can have many different types of styles. Most often, these models have an adjacent bodice to emphasize the skirt itself. You can pick up such a dress absolutely for any situation. Whether it's a walk, dinner or some kind of celebration, you can find a suitable outfit with a lush skirt.

This article presents practicalrecommendations for the selection of festive dresses (both long and short) with lush skirts, variations of color combinations, selection of accessories for them, as well as photos of lush dresses and their descriptions.

Lovely wedding dresses

Elegant looking brides in the dresses givensilhouette due to the beautiful line of the neckline, underlined waist and flying skirt. These dresses are very popular as wedding, because the girls in them look like graceful and charming princesses.

A long wedding dress with a lush skirt is verysolemn, so not suitable for informal holidays. Therefore, show off in such a dress and feel like a real princess is a unique chance. These dresses best show the graceful figures of young ladies in a favorable light. Such styles of wedding dresses have a seductive silhouette and always look winning.

Wedding Dress with Strapless Bodice

Lush dresses at the prom

On such a memorable evening, many girlsdream of feeling like princesses, because the graduation ball is a place where you can dance and show off with a gorgeous outfit, catching admiring glances.

Fancy dresses for such cases areideal options. They are great for girls with any type of figure, both slender and full. One of the most popular options is a dress with a corset. This model is most like a dress of a princess, so they are so beloved by girls as a dress at the prom.

Dresses with an open back are very fashionable. At them usually the front part looks very laconically, and the original intertwined threads or tapes on the back create an atmosphere of special chic.

Beautiful fluffy dresses with a V-neck are usually made with a lot of folds and draperies, as well as with the presence of straps for girls whose corsets are not in high esteem.

Delicate dress for graduation

Long Dresses

Certainly, the dresses on the floor for various ceremonial occasions are classics that fit all without exception. In such dresses, the girls look fabulous and fabulous.

Lush dresses in the style of "mermaid" look especiallyeffectively. After all, they combine a magnificent skirt and a long train at the same time. There is a small drawback in this model - these dresses are not always practical and convenient because of the elongated plume. Much more convenient the next solution - removable trains, which are attached to the dress on the buttons.

Short lush dresses

Undoubtedly, short dresses emphasize the beautyslender legs, this dress itself is self-sufficient, so do not pile up the image with an excessive amount of accessories, especially if it's a small cocktail dress for a party or a casual walk, in which case an excess of accessories will simply be of no use. Moreover, some details of short dresses with a lush skirt can be already decorated enough.

Lovely dress with a lush skirt

How to choose

The basis for choosing any outfit is the type of figure.You need to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, when choosing a dress, you should try to emphasize the strengths and hide the weak ones. With a perfect figure, any style looks good, girls who have a figure that resembles a triangle, perfectly fit lush skirts, because they help to hide the full hips, and a tight top emphasizes graceful shoulders and a thin waist. Lush skirts are suitable even in such cases, when the girl's shoulders are disproportionately wider than the hips, this outfit will balance the figure completely. Girls of low stature should choose the silhouette of a trapeze dress, in them they will seem much higher, but it is worth remembering that this silhouette is absolutely not suitable for full women, they are dressed for them, deprived of excess decoration and folds. Also, the figure-skating girls "in the body" should wear dresses of matte fabric, which has a smooth texture.

Girls who have very small breasts do not wear a corset bodice for the reason that it simply emphasizes the bust. These ladies are better to choose a bodice with ruffles and assemblies along the décolletage line.

Ball Gown with a decorated bodice

Variety of styles

Lovely baby-like dresses have a magnificent top of the skirt, they are very similar to ballet dresses. They usually have several layers of lightweight fabric, such as tulle or lace.

A dress with a corset is usually long or longmidi, short versions look a bit vulgar. Long lush dresses with corsets are very popular, because their top sits exactly on the figure and emphasizes all its dignity. Such dresses can often be found in fashion magazines and on shows, because even among the famous fashion designers they are very popular.

Cocktail dress with a lush skirt -a great option for some events, for example, holidays, parties, banquets, social dinners and dinners, celebrations in elite restaurants, visits to theaters. They create a refined image of a chic lady in a cocktail dress. These stylish dresses have a length of midi and a tight top.

The retro style is permeated with a touch of old lightness andbright silhouettes. They are full of different colors - a good choice for a warm summer. Lush short skirts hide the fullness of the legs and give fragility to the figure of the girl. Retroplatya provide a thin waist and emphasize the chest. Dresses, borrowed from the 50's and 60's, sew from dense flowing and shining fabrics and matte materials.

Dress with a velvet skirt

With what to wear

The choice of accessories is very important, because from himmuch depends. Luxurious dresses can be luxuriously decorated, made of expensive fabrics and do not require additional decorations. Such elements should not be very much, and it is necessary to follow this necessarily. Immediately all the elements of jewelry should not be present in the image, just combining, for example, earrings and necklaces. To a dress with open shoulders, you can choose gloves of any length, depending on the style of the dress. It is not recommended to complement accessories with dresses decorated with sequins, they already attract enough attention.

The image of the bride can be complemented by an elegant diadem or veil. If the dress is long and very lush, the bottom of the veil should not be below the breast line.

Lush outfits have a slight propertyshorten the figure, so you should choose high-heeled shoes, especially if the skirt is long. Shoes should be simple, without jewelry. Short dresses look good and ballet flats on a flat sole.

Burgundy Lovely Dress

Color and material

Short dresses with lush skirts are suitable for summer, they look playful and fit young girls. A similar dress can be worn on the street, with an ordinary walk and at a holiday.

Skirts are pompous due to such materials,as a tulle. Lightweight mesh fabric is usually used when sewing ballet tutus. The hem is obtained fluffy and airy due to several layers of fabric of this kind. It can be both matte and shiny. Sometimes it is used to create decorative elements of the dress itself.

Organza rigid in structure, very goodkeeps the form. As a rule, it is a translucent material, and also it can be with a matte or shiny surface. Of this fabric, most often sew wedding dresses, especially this kind of material looks great in combination with different laces and embroidery. Successful material can be tulle or chiffon, they are good as a sumptuous skirt for a wedding dress. Of these, multiple creases are created, which can be used as dress ornaments. These dresses are unusually magnificent and airy. Guipure and lace are additions that decorate skirts and other elements of lush dresses, such as sleeves and insets on the bodice. If the skirt is well decorated with a decor, then the top should be simple and free from various types of jewelry, because lace, embroidery and other materials attract attention very much.

Two versions of dresses with lush skirts


When choosing a dress with a lush skirt, it is not importantforget some important things. Dresses on rings instead of multi-layered podsubnikov more successful in the warm season. Hoops will not cause discomfort, since they will not touch the legs.

In dresses with a long train this same traindragging on the ground and therefore can quickly become dirty, and there is also a risk that someone will step on it. Therefore, to avoid the possibility that the dress at the celebration can deteriorate, it is better to choose a short train and a hem that will not drag along the floor.

Some girls choose a lavish dress only for an important ceremony, and after, for a party or dinner, it is replaced with a more convenient option or simply unfastened a magnificent skirt.