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What to give a girl for six months of a relationship? Unbeatable options

Well, here comes the significant date of yourrelationship with the beloved. No, this, of course, is not an anniversary, but half a year is also a very considerable time. You have already experienced a lot, learned the tastes and habits of each other, learned the names of the girlfriends and heroes of her favorite TV series, remember what she's allergic to and when the album of her favorite singer will be released. You are the real hero of her novel. And, as should be a decent hero, should please your girlfriend with a gift for the half-year of your relationship. Perhaps she will not even remember about this date (which is unlikely). In this case, you are lucky twice: you will be pleased with what you remember and appreciate, and surprise with a prepared gift. So, what can you give a girl for six months of a relationship?

what to give a girl for six months of a relationship

Act, brother!

First determine the amount that you are readyspend on "taking a star from the sky" and getting "that - I do not know what." All subsequent actions will depend on this. Do not skimp on the gift and buy unnecessary nonsense. A thousand-year-old decorative statuette of a cute hamster or a mug will certainly decorate the bowels of the cupboard, but it will not bring any special joy. If the girl does not collect a collection of these hamsters-mugs, it is better not to buy them. Think, you would like to receive from your beloved such a present, which is kind of like, and it seems like no?

After you assess your solvency, proceed to the second phase of the mission "What to give a girl for six months of a relationship."

For a romantic person

If your loved one likes all sorts of things and deeds in the spirit of melodramas, arrange a holiday for her in this vein.

what to give a girl for six months of relationships with their own hands

The most banal manifestation of love will be, of coursesame, a bouquet. Now you can find advantageous offers, when for an armful of roses with delivery to the door ask for a little money. It only remains to ask to add to the bouquet a nice postcard and send a present of your beloved to work. At the same time, she will become the heroine of the day in the eyes of her colleagues, and you are a prince on a white horse.

If you are looking for that to give a girl a six-year relationship original, but romantic, you can perform under her window serenade.

what to give the girl for six months of the relationship original

Just make sure that it's not three o'clock in the morning,and you will hear not only the neighbors living on the lower floors. A song can be chosen by her favorite band or by composing yourself, if abilities permit. The main thing is that it is not some hard thrash.

For a practical person

Your favorite for romantic actions is very skeptical and bouquets consider dust collectors? Well, please her more necessary things.

If she likes to read, a great gift will bean e-book with a good screen. If you try, you can even with a small financial reserve to purchase a fine budget option. In extreme cases, buy a book of her favorite author or something in the same genre. So you at the same time demonstrate that you remember her literary tastes.

what to give a girl for six months of a relationship

Suitable as a gift of music CDs, video games (if it plays, of course). Do not forget to pack your gift beautifully, do not hand it in a shop bag or without packaging.

If you do not like these options,that give a girl for six months of a relationship, does not leave her head, give her perfume. Almost every girl uses toilet water and will be pleased with such fragrant presentation. If you choose perfume yourself - this will be an additional plus in your karma. Certificates - a good thing, but too faceless.

Do it yourself

Sometimes it happens that due to inexplicablethe circumstances of money simply do not exist. And the red day of the calendar already winks anxiously and hints that it's time to do something. Do not despair! You can make a gift on your own, and for this you do not need to be in the club "crazy hands". So, what to give a girl for six months of relationships, with her own hands made?


The simplest version is a photo collage.All you need is to print out memorable and iconic photographs and paste them neatly on a heart-shaped sheet. Plus, think of some touching and funny inscriptions.

what to give a girl for six months of relationships with their own hands

If you do not want to print and glue, then you can complicate the task a little and do the same in special photo or video programs.


This option is somewhat similar to the previous one.You will only need one empty CD and free time. Make a playlist for her. Collect all of her favorite songs, "your" songs and melodies that mean something to both of you. She will certainly appreciate such a gift.


This is a classic of the genre, which neverthelesstrouble-free operates even in a situation "what to present to the girl for half a year of relations". Conquer it with your culinary skills. Even if you are special only in cooking a fried egg, the Internet will come to the rescue.

that you can give a girl for six months of a relationship

Just do not try to build something unthinkablecomplex, if before the plate approached only once a year or on major holidays. Choose a simple dish and, ideally, practice cooking it.

Create a suitable atmosphere, tuning in a romantic way.

There are many options. Be creative.Even banal tickets to the cinema for a night session and a chocolate bar can make a miracle if you correctly present them. After all, what to give a girl for six months of a relationship - it's not so important compared to your feelings.