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Blazer: how and with what to wear

A female jacket is one of the consequences of emancipation andwomen's struggle for gender equality. This detail of the image is simply necessary for the fair sex representatives who occupy an active position in life. Blazer female - an integral attribute of a business woman's wardrobe.

blazer female

In a busy modern life, a womannot easy. It is necessary to play several roles simultaneously: mother, wife, keeper of the hearth, business lady. Designers of clothes try to adapt to the turbulent life of the metropolis and create comfortable and practical clothes for girls. Jacket - a truly brilliant creation. Today, the range of blazers allows you to choose a model for any occasion of life.

How to choose a women's blazer

The first thing to do is to look critically at your reflection in the mirror. If the parameters of your figure are not perfect, then you should carefully choose a wardrobe.

The owner of lush hips will approach the elongatedblazer, covering the "dangerous" area. Do not buy models with patch pockets, because they can visually add volumes in those places where this is superfluous.

But a thin waist is better to emphasize shortjacket. Also, slim beauties are ideal models that fit the figure. Another small secret: roll up sleeves to ¾ length, this will help to emphasize the thin waist.

white female blazer

If you are proud of a bust, you can unobtrusively demonstrate it through a blazer with a deep cut. But the voluminous collar will help to add puffiness to the breast.

Blazer female is ideal for office dress code

If you are required to respect the workplacestrict rules in the selection of clothes, then the blazer is your salvation. To it it is easy to pick up strict trousers from a dense fabric or a classical skirt of a direct cut.

A shortened blazer will create a magnificent duet with a tulip skirt or trousers-riding breeches. Under the jacket you can put on a blouse, shirt or turtleneck.

a model resembling a male blazer

Blazer length to the middle of the thigh is ideal for combination with tight trousers. You can wear it with a long blouse. It gives a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Add a playful note to the image will help a bright brooch or neck scarf. You can also use the belt to give the right shape to the shape.

Blazer female for walks and meetings with friends

a model resembling a male blazer

The jacket became so popular that it smoothly migrated from office life to everyday. In this case, you can combine it with absolutely any items of the wardrobe.

The last few years it has become fashionable to combineblazer with jeans. It would seem that two elements of clothing, absolutely different in style, can not exist side by side. However, in practice we get an excellent result.

men's blazer
With jeans you can wear a jacket quite strictshape, reminiscent of a male blazer. Under trousers it is better to choose a jacket of bright color. It looks good enough option, when the color of the jacket is duplicated for shoes, which, by the way, can be any. In this set successful boots, ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, ballet flats and even sneakers look good.

female blazer in evening fashion
Courageous girls can recommend combining a blazer with shorts or leggings. For a combination with leggings, a blazer-suit is suitable.

Blazer female in the evening image

Again, we remind you that a jacket can be used everywhere, even in a smart set for solemn events.

On a cold day, a blazer will save you from a lowtemperature, if you put it on top of the dress. Even a delicate chiffon outfit feels great in the company of a jacket. However, the blazer in this case is better to choose from a thin and exquisite fabric.

Of course, making an ordinary blazer festive with ease can accessories. Massive earrings from iridescent stones, beads and bracelets are the faithful companions of the evening image.