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The sizes of outer clothing: the instruction for purchases on the web

Increase in the popularity of clothing purchases on the Internetled to the need for a good understanding of the size, defining them not only for themselves, but also for other family members. Often, such acquisitions are expensive, and there is no way to try it on. On many sites there is no possibility of return, except for the reason of factory marriage. Exchange, if it is possible, the buyer carries out at his own expense.

In this case, the size of the outer clothing is determinedit is quite simple if the producer or seller indicates a special table or grid with measurements. In this case, choosing the purchase becomes easy and convenient. Let's analyze the process of determining the sizes for men, women and children in detail.

The size of men's outerwear

Jackets, coats, raincoats, down jackets, etc.are integral parts of the men's seasonal wardrobe. They not only protect against weather conditions, but also emphasize the sense of style, shape, if properly selected in size.

To determine the latter, the most importantvolume of the chest. Using a centimeter tape, measure this value and divide by 2. We get the desired value, which is the size. This figure is indicated by domestic producers. For example, the chest volume of 100 cm, divided by 2, gives 50 the size of the outer clothing.

Domestic figures correlate with Europeanas follows: M (medium), L (large), XL (very large), etc. To determine the existing standard. If it is different, manufacturers often indicate in the table the measurement and correlation of the data. For example, large-size outerwear, starting from L (large-large), and increasing: XL, XXL, XXXL - corresponds to 50-56. It's important to consider growth.

outerwear of large sizes

Sizes of women's outerwear

Dimensional tables of conformity of domestic andforeign manufacturers greatly simplify life during the purchase. To the last was successful, it is worth to measure the following parameters: the length of the product and sleeves, the waist, hips and chest, the width of the shoulders. These are the most important indicators that must be taken into account.

The sizes of outerwear for women are often alsoare specified in the range. For example, S (36-38, small), M (38-40, medium), L (40-42, large). It is worthwhile in each case to check with the correspondence tables specified by the manufacturers, taking into account such a concept as "small-sized" and "larger" models.

sizes of outerwear for women

Sizes of children's outerwear

As in the case of men's and women's clothing,the sizes of children's things can be marked on several standard systems. Domestic manufacturers indicate growth with a difference of 6 cm. This marking is relevant for children under 5 years old, when all have similar rates of development. Further the sizes can differ at different manufacturers, and removal of the basic measures is required.

The most necessary are the girth of the chest, thighs,waist, length of sleeve and step joint. The sizes of outer clothing assume measurements in underwear or sliders. Up to two years the procedure is carried out lying down. Older children are measured standing up.

sizes of outerwear

How to measure

Using a centimeter tape, measure allnecessary volumes over thin clothes. The sizes of outerwear for men and women with a waist or hip area wider than the chest area suggest careful attention to measurements. In this case, it is worth considering the cutting of models. They can be straight, expanding at the bottom, with darts at the waist. To determine the girth of the chest, the tape is held under the arms, clasping the shoulder blades and the most prominent points in front. The waist is measured along the narrowest part of the body. The ribbon passes through the most protruding point of the abdomen. Hips are measured in the middle at the widest gluteal points.

Correctly matched sizes of outerwearare one of the factors of guaranteed successful purchases on the Web. Be sure to ask for a dimension grid by the manufacturer or seller, as it may differ in certain key parameters.