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Wedding dresses in Empire style. Beauty and femininity

The wedding is undoubtedly the brightest and mostan unforgettable event in the life of every girl. Sometimes the fairer sex dreams of this day from childhood, trying on in the imagination a variety of outfits and jewelry. The choice of a wedding dress should be very responsible and thoughtful, the girl simply must weigh all the pros and cons, so as not to spoil the mood to yourself and others when viewing unsuccessful wedding photos. One of the most popular styles of wedding dress is Empire. What is this wedding attire?

A bit of history

Style Empire became popular due to his wifeNapoleon Bonaparte in the 19th century. In those distant times, and even long before, such a dress was chosen for such a thin fabric that it shone through and adorned the body. For him, they sewed a special lining of dense silk. Then the dress in Empire style weighed less than a quarter of a kilogram, so some women sewed cargo to it. Some girls cut skirts or wet the dresses with water to emphasize the feminine silhouette.

Over time, embroidery was added to the dress, made a deeper décolleté, shortened the hem. Later it was supplemented with corset, lace, frills and other ornaments.

Modern wedding dresses in Empire styleThey feature a deep neckline, an overstated waist, a long straight skirt with folds. Like any other outfits, this dress can have different options and additions, depending on the imagination of the designer and the taste of the bride.

Wedding dresses in Empire style today

The image of the bride in the first place creates a beautifuldress, and only then attention is drawn to the jewelry on the head, gloves, handbags, capes, bouquet and shoes. An important role is played by hair and makeup. To match the style of Empire, the dress must be supplemented with a suitable hairdo. So, the hair can be picked up and decorated with flowers, bows and beads, curls curl and lay them on the head, fastening the diadem. Girls who choose such wedding dresses should remember that minimal make-up, shining skin and radiant freshness are ideal for them.

Mandatory element - gloves.Fashion experts insist that the more frankly the outfit, the longer gloves should be. The girl's shoes should be in Greek style. Suitable flat shoes with ribbons or straps. Women who do not like this style of shoes can choose any other sandals or shoes.

Wedding dresses in Empire style must necessarily be complemented by a bouquet of delicate flowers with white, pastel or gold ribbons. This will add to the image of tenderness.

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wedding dresses in Empire style
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Fashion dresses in Empire style

The bride's dress in this style has a veryinteresting cut. As a rule, dresses in Empire style have an overstated waist and a short bodice, which emphasizes the beauty of the breasts. The top of the dress is embroidered with strings or rhinestones. The waist level can be emphasized by a ribbon tied in a bow on the back. The front garment has a straight cut, gathering behind in a barely noticeable folds. Among the most popular materials for sewing such a wedding dress are: chiffon, tulle, silk, muslin, muslin, fular, cambric, satin and other lightweight fabrics. Color can also be the most: white, and sand, and lavender, and pistachio. By the way, dresses in this style are very suitable for brides in position who want to hide a little rounded tummy.