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Bags "Valentino": a real chic

Bags "Valentino" - the ultimate dream of manywomen of fashion, because the Italian brand is associated with luxury and femininity. It is a stylish accessory that can emphasize a carefully thought out image, supplement it, become the final touch.

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Valentino Garavani

Bag Valentino Garavani can be rightly calledclassics, before which time is powerless. This legendary Italian designer for more than half a century creates a joy for people. His talent is amazing: everything to which he touches, is obtained at the highest level. Whatever he creates: whether it's clothes, bags, shoes, accessories - everyone likes the demanding audience.

The designer himself is passionately in love with fashion, but alsois interested in architecture and painting. He studied Valentino in Milan, then in Paris, where he earned a victory in the prestigious International Wool Secretariat competition and met Jean Desse. Genius founded his own brand in the distant 1960, and the first boutique of the brand opened on Via Condotti - the famous shopping street in Rome.

What is famous for Valentino Garavani?Irreproachable taste, boldness, femininity, elegance of forms. In the midst of the mega popularity of mini skirts, he offers fashion models maxi length models, black and white contrast and blood color dresses - bold and outrageous, like himself. They still love not only celebrities, but also ordinary girls around the world.

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Bags "Valentino"

The legendary wizard creates one collectionaccessories after another. In them you can find both miniature clutches, and huge trunks. He is not afraid of experimenting with design, size, decor and color. Its products are made from the finest materials: natural leather and suede, and also from rare types of leather with an unexpected print or finish. The accessories are only the best quality: it will serve for a long time, always keep the look and fit perfectly into the bag concept.

The accessories of the legendary Italian brandyet there is one big flaw - the high price. Fortunately, for many women of fashion, there is an alternative in the form of a copy of Valentino's bags. If they are qualitative, they are inferior to the original, and sometimes find a difference between them can only a professional. But the cost of replicas is quite democratic, so each girl can afford such a product. There are shops that specialize in selling copies of branded products and offer a truly worthwhile product.

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Valentino Orlandi

In 1974, the world saw the bags of Valentino Orlandi.The name of this Italian designer should not be confused with his legendary namesake. This man entered the fashion industry with a confident step and immediately fell in love with his work. Under this brand are produced amazing things from the skin: accessories, bags, shoes and other fancy goods.

It is worth noting that the appearance of this brand wasnatural, since the family Valentino Orlandi for many years engaged in dressing the skin and knew about this process is absolutely everything. Valentino, in addition to this knowledge, had the talent of a fashion designer, so every thing from him looks like a miracle. The factories use ancient methods of leather processing, secrets are applied, which were transferred from the generation of tanners to a new generation. Also, the company does not stop at what has been achieved and is in constant search for a new one, improves the process, introduces innovations.

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Instead of an afterword

Bags "Valentino" - this is certainly a classicgenre, the desired object of millions of women of the planet and a chic gift for your favorite ladies. At a sight at the perfect accessory at representatives of a fair sex the heart beats faster, eyes light up, the smile itself reigns on lips. She looks like a queen, and it's really beautiful.