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"Vo Tarun" (down jackets): models, reviews

Winter is already here.It is necessary to warm well and choose the right clothes. Many designers have already presented the world with the trends of the winter of 2016. It is not easy to find a wardrobe for outerwear. After all, I want it to be warm and fashionable. For a long time the choice was not great. But this is already in the past. On the windows there are collections of novelties, in which warmth, comfort and style were combined. New universal styles are very relevant this season. Today we are interested in Vo Tarun. Down jackets of this brand are already approved by many women of fashion.

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How to choose the right one

In the down jacket, the filling is diverse:it can be eider, duck or swan feather. In cheaper variants, feathers will also be present. Also synthetic synthon was replaced by synthetic fluff. Have not you heard about this yet? By the way, a down jacket with a filler made of synthetic down is much warmer than a product on a sintepon. Of course, after the first wash, this coat loses the property of keeping the heat at 25%, and the down jacket of natural materials will last very long (10 years). How to distinguish them? The jacket on natural fluff will be slightly heavier than with a synthetic filler. To products in which there is a natural down, a special bag with a sample of material is always attached. Also you need to pay attention to how the model is sewn. Seams should be strong and tightened.

About company

So, who produces Vo Tarun (down jackets)?The manufacturer quickly won the attention of buyers by the quality of manufactured goods. The main emphasis in the activity - outerwear. The models are of high quality and are in great demand. The company follows the latest trends and novelties of fashion. Thanks to this, its employees produce trend products. Many citizens of our country say that they like Vo Tarun (down jackets). Country of origin - China.

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Models for athletes

Whatever it was, but sport works onfashion trends. Inspired designers often create down jackets, which look very stylish and blend perfectly with the rest of the clothes. In such models, the appearance will be unique. They are comfortable to move and very warm. An interesting and versatile option.

A variety of down jackets

This season, the assortment of down jackets is very pleased. The choice is simply unrealistically large, starting with flowers and ending with styles. So, in more detail.

For example, you can choose a down jacket with a length ¾.Under this product any wardrobe outfit is suitable. Young people won short puffers. They just amaze with the amount of interesting colors. Long models were also relevant. They are made in the classical style. Choose a simple, because presented in a wide range of down jackets Vo Tarun. Hood with rhinestones, beige, red, black, green and other colors - the imagination of designers has no boundaries. And it is like consumers.

Combined down jackets are another feature of this season. In one product there is not only a variety of colors, but also fabrics. Also, many were impressed with models of classic colors with prints.

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Interesting highlights

Designers have tried very hard to create all models.They include asymmetric products: when the back part is longer than the front edge. Also down jacket-dresses with a lush, pronounced skirt create a very gentle image. A variety of models are presented by down jackets-transformers, combined textures and different lengths of sleeves. In general, there is plenty to choose from. Each of these models is good in its own way.

Vo Tarun (down jackets): what to wear

If you like a long down jacket, you cancombine it with skirts, trousers, dresses. Due to the length of each piece of wardrobe will do. Under such a down jacket, shoes should be classic - boots or boots.

As for short down jackets, it's even easier. Suits everything, even sports pants. Look great jeans in slinky. They, oblegaya, create an elegant image. Boots should be worn high.

The most versatile footwear for a down jacket - it's a Ugi.Of course, in such models the club will not go. Yes, and this option should be considered according to the weather. But with such shoes are combined many details of the wardrobe.

As for the cap, if a down jacket with a hood, then it's worth putting on a knitted model. Both comfortable and stylish. Owners of down jackets without a hood should consider the option of hats with fur pom-poms.

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How to properly wash the down jacket

Dry cleaning is the best option. But you can wipe the Vo Tarun (down jackets) and at home.

For washing manually, take a container of water, add a little detergent. The product should be hung in an upright position and lightly cleaned from top to bottom with a brush.

For a washing machine you need to choose a delicatemode. Add liquid detergent (not powder). Rinse aid is not needed. After we button up the down jacket and send it to the washing machine. It is recommended to squeeze the product at a speed of 600-800 revolutions. It's not too difficult to wash the Vo Tarun (down jackets). It is only necessary to act carefully. As for drying, you need to hang the product vertically. It is advisable to place it in the fresh air.

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«Vo tarun» down jackets: reviews

Buyers are very satisfied with the products.The down jacket is worn well, it feels cozy. It is also convenient to move around. A variety of models are well thought out, there is no discomfort during the movement, they are made according to the latest fashion novelties. The price policy also suits the buyers. A huge number of people express their opinion about Vo Tarun. Down jackets reviews deserved more positive.