/ / Park "Angarsk ponds": green recreation area with modern entertainment for every taste

Park "Angarskie Ponds": a green recreation area with modern entertainment for every taste

"Angarsk ponds" - a recreation area in DmitrovskyDistrict CAO Moscow. Until recently, it was officially divided into three parks owned by various organizations. After the merger, the territory of the green recreation area was reconstructed. Today it is a great place for family and sports leisure. Picturesque natural landscapes, clean air, birds singing, as well as interesting attractions - all within the city limits. What else is required for modern Muscovite for happiness?

Historical reference

Until 2012 in the Dmitrovsky District of the Northof the administrative district of the capital, three separate green zones were located close to each other: Korovinsky Park, Apple Orchard or Dmitrovsky Park and the VISHOM Park. The modern history of these places are from the 60s of the last century. On the green territory, orchards of the Moscow Institute of Agricultural Engineering were laid out. Old-timers of the area remember the time when on the site of the modern “Angarsk ponds” it was quite inexpensive to get delicious fruits and berries.

Angarsk ponds
Here also flows the stream of Spirkovwhich is a tributary of the river Likhoborka. In the 1960s, the source was enclosed in an underground collector. The stream of Spirkov Vrazhek feeds two ponds, their modern names are the Big and Small Angarsk ponds. It was in honor of the reservoirs that the entire recreation area received its name.

The whole area was open for walking andrecreation of citizens in the 1990s. Around the same time, the banks of the reservoirs were improved and raised. In 2008 and 2012, the park was reconstructed and merged. Today it is an excellent natural recreation area, equipped for walking, sports and entertainment.

Photo and description of the park

"Angarsk ponds" is a picturesque green arearecreation. Here there are a variety of trees and shrubs, in the summer, you can observe blooming flower beds and neat lawns. According to many residents of the area, the park is especially beautiful in spring, when jasmine, lilac, cherry and apple trees bloom here.

Park Angarsk ponds
The real highlight of the recreation area - two localreservoir. In the Big Pond there are two islets, and on its coast there is a pier. Fish is found in the waters, here you can see ducks and gulls. Year-round fishing lovers sit on the banks. In the warm season, swimming is allowed in the Big Pond.

Pedestrian and cycle paths with appropriate markings are laid throughout the park. “Angarskie Prudy” is pleased with its guests by a sufficient number of benches, gazebos and barbecue areas.

Sports and family holidays

After reconstruction in the park was installedopen stage, a lot of children's and sports grounds, allocated fenced area for walking dogs. Young guests of the park are invited to play in children's towns, designed for different ages. Teenagers and adult visitors can safely take advantage of the table tennis table. In the warm season, there is a rental of water transport, where you can rent a boat, boat or catamaran.

Angarsk ponds Moscow
Park "Angarsk ponds" is ideal forrides on bicycles, roller skating and scooters. There is a separate platform for practicing extreme sports. In winter, there is a skating rink and ski trails. Many visitors to the recreation area practice Finnish and athletic walking, running. Fans of more complex workouts are happy to do free exercises in the open air.

Amusement and entertainment

In the summer, the park has a children's area.amusement rides. Kids here can jump on trampolines and take a ride on a small train. Children will enjoy the local equestrian club "Merry Pony." Tired of walking and active entertainment, you can visit one of the cafes. They sell snacks and drinks with them. You can enjoy a full meal while sitting on the cozy veranda. Some cafes offer banquets, weddings and private parties. In this recreation area with pleasure you can spend the whole day. Many residents of the surrounding neighborhoods proudly call the "Angarsk ponds" one of the most beautiful and clean places in the capital.

How to get to the park on personal and public transport?

The natural zone "Angarsk ponds" is limitedKorovinsky highway, the streets of Sofia Kovalevskaya, the 800th anniversary of Moscow and Angarsk. The exact address of the park: Sofia Kovalevskaya Street-1. From the metro station "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya" you can take the bus number 194, you need to get off at the stop "Angarskaya street". If desired, you can get there by car. The exact coordinates of the recreation area: 55.87899, 37.531181.

Natural area Angarsk ponds
Park "Angarsk ponds" in Moscow - this is greatplace for sports and family holidays. There are no historical sites. However, the clean air of this area and the possibility of variously organizing your leisure pleasantly surprise everyone. The entrance to the territory is free, the park works around the clock. In the evening, the tracks are well lit, so anyone can easily walk through them.