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Mysteries about the circus for children of different ages

Mysteries about the circus are sure to interest childrenof different ages. After all, everyone loves the magic of magicians, animal performances and unusual performances of acrobats. That's why we need to come up with riddles that the child must solve.

What should be the riddles about the circus for children

Banal and monotonous questions thatthe child must find the answers, it is unlikely to interest the child. It is much wiser to come up with bright, emotional and rhythmic problems that will be fun for boys and girls. Riddles should be:

  • Diverse.
  • Filled with meaning.
  • Rhythmic and not boring.
  • Correctly matched for the age of the baby.

In any case, every parent knows his child perfectly, so he can pick up the ideal questions for his son or daughters.

Riddles about the circus for the little ones

Logical tasks can be offered to unraveleven the smallest children. Mysteries about the circus may not necessarily be common, as well as questions about animals, acrobats and clowns that will help to make variety in entertainment. For example, you can take the following ideas:


He makes you happy,

His jokes are like a magnet.

His humor is sharp and dexterous,

They laugh when he is in the arena, and Slavka, and Vovka.



They are not birds, but fly,

In a circus you know.

First, in the arena,

And then under the dome take off.

(Aerial acrobats).

riddles about the circus


He flaps his cane - and the tigers at his feet,

Through the ring they were able to jump hotter to teach.

For us it's a predator, like a cat,

Who is this man, tell me, my baby.



At the entrance of many luminous toys,

We are offered to buy them.

We approach the round arena,

And in the waiting on the spot no one is worth it.

Come out to us little animals,

Actors, acrobats, funny clowns,

Everyone visited this place once.


Such riddles about the circus are quite suitable for young children. It is worth taking them into account and include in the program of developing classes.

Riddles for school-age children

Students also like to attend various events. Therefore, riddles about the circus, no doubt, like and schoolchildren. For example, you can take the following ideas:


Advertising everywhere and everywhere,

They say that they brought a camel there.

Tigers, lions there, too, perform,

And under the dome acrobats fly.


riddles about circus for children


In this place it is always interesting,

Tigers are sitting here on a string,

Dogs on their paws walk,

And elephants want to show their tricks.

Acrobats to the dome take off,

Magicians perform miracles in life.


Such riddles about the circus are sure to help make the process fun, exciting and unusual. And in general, any pastime with your beloved parents is a joy for children.