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Cheapest pharmacies in Moscow: review

The rise in the prices of many drugs is forcing people to seekpharmacies with a cheaper assortment. After all, if you constantly overpay, then for other needs, money may simply not be enough. This is the modern Russian reality. Of course, the standard of living in large cities is higher than in the province, but even here the problem of finding cheap pharmacies for many becomes urgent. Especially for those who buy drugs in large quantities. So which pharmacy is the cheapest in Moscow?

cheapest pharmacies in moscow

In Moscow, a lot of pharmacies, and mark-ups for medicines, as elsewhere, are large. Find a pharmacy with low mark-ups is quite difficult. However, according to local residents, there are such pharmacies, although they are few.

Pharmacy at the metro station Kurskaya is located on the street. Vorontsovo field, house 14. There is also a polyclinic of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Medicines there are cheaper for an average of 50-100 rubles.

Pharmacy "Samson-Pharma" is relativelyknown, including low prices for medicines. It is visited by a large number of people, however, the operational work of the staff does not allow for large queues. She does not have days off and breaks in work. Working hours: weekdays from 8:00, on Saturday - from 9:00, and on Sunday it is open from 10:00. The work ends, regardless of the weekend, at 8 pm.

what is the cheapest pharmacy in Moscow?

Pharmacy at the metro station Dobryninskaya

The pharmacy is located at: Losinovskaya ul., 12 (building 1). Many believe that this is the cheapest pharmacy in Moscow. At the same time, the price does not affect the quality. The reason for the low prices in this pharmacy is the socially-oriented policy of its leadership. The minimal mark-up on drugs allows to increase the number of buyers, including those from the poorer layers of the population. Some prefer to travel here, even living on the other side of the capital, precisely because of the low prices. On average, drugs here are cheaper than in most other pharmacies, at 40-120 rubles.

The operating mode of the pharmacy is convenient for everyone: on weekdays from 8:00, on Saturday - from 9, on Sunday - from 10:00. The end of work is at 21:00. There are no weekend and lunch breaks.

where in Moscow the cheapest pharmacy

Pharmacy at the Pushkinskaya metro station

The pharmacy is very crowded, but there are no big queues thatis achieved by the effectiveness of the work. Its address: Tverskoy Boulevard, house 19/1. It can be easily reached from metro stations: Pushkinskaya, Chekhovskaya, Tverskaya.

As in the Kurskaya metro station, this pharmacybelongs to the Samson-Pharma network. This network is known for its low and stable prices. Pharmacy mode allows you to visit it until 9 pm. It is in the evening in this pharmacy is particularly crowded. Pharmacies from this series are the cheapest pharmacies in Moscow.

Pharmacy at the metro station "Belyaevo"

Externally, the pharmacy is not very noticeable and recallsto itself only by a large signboard at the top. This is how most pharmacies with low prices look. The address of this point: Miklukho-Maklaya street, house 23. She also belongs to the network of pharmacies "Samson-Pharma". The schedule of work is the same as in the pharmacy at the station. Metro Pushkinskaya. There are a lot of visitors, but there are no big lines

cheapest pharmacy chain in Moscow

Pharmacy at the metro station "Akademicheskaya"

The pharmacy belongs to the network of "Stolichki".The difference in prices with conventional pharmacies is approximately 50 rubles. The pharmacy is located at: ul. Dmitry Ulyanov, 17, building 1. The network includes a large number of pharmacies, so it is not necessary to visit this one. They can be found near other metro stations. However, the operation mode may vary. Specifically, this pharmacy works from 9:00 to 21:00 on all days of the week.

Pharmacy at the metro station "Proletarskaya"

Here is a pharmacy from the network "Sun".It is located at the third Krutitsky pereulok, 13. The size of the pharmacy is small, and the medicine is relatively cheap. The difference in price with most other pharmacies of the capital is 30-50 rubles. At the same time the point is open around the clock, and the service is at a good level.

Pharmacy at Novokuznetskaya metro station

This pharmacy item refers to a small networkpharmacies "Your Health". Prices are higher than in previous pharmacies, but there is an opportunity to order medication through the Internet (with home delivery). This drugstore is located at Novokuznetskaya station, on Pyatnitskaya Street, at No. 17. The pharmacy operates on weekdays from 8:00 to 23:00, on Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00, on Sunday from 10:00 to 8:00. Thus, on weekdays, even those who return home late can get there. The operating mode of the online version of the pharmacy is round the clock. It is convenient to use an online pharmacy in cases when, due to a flu or other serious illness, it is better not to go far from home. Especially since this is the cheapest Internet pharmacy in Moscow.

cheapest internet pharmacy in moscow

Criteria for choosing a pharmacy

Low cost of medicines can be on differentreasons, it is not always customer-oriented. Therefore, pay attention not only to the price, but also to the quality of the drugs. Although frank fakes are rare in recent times, medications can simply be stored incorrectly. And for some of them it is unacceptable. The pharmacy should look neat and tidy. Inside should be clean, nice to be. The staff of the pharmacy network should be neat and polite, comply with hygiene requirements, always want to help.

According to buyers, the pharmacy "Samson-Pharma"meet all the requirements, and they have minimal mark-ups for medicines. This is the cheapest network of pharmacies in Moscow. In addition, this network includes a large number of points, and therefore get to one of these pharmacies will not be difficult.

Pharmacies from the series "Solnyshko" and "Stolichki" are also very accessible. In these pharmacies are also low prices, and pharmacies "Sunny" also have a pleasant service.

So, we hope that you have received an answer to the question, where in Moscow the cheapest pharmacy. And also learned in what network drugs are sold at attractive prices and with a minimum mark-up. Be healthy!