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What do the tattoos on the fingers say?

Nipples on the fingers - one of the most populartypes of tattoos. Since the hands are visible to almost every person, the tattoo owners thus attract attention. There are a lot of visible places, and hands are one of the most spectacular. Some do tattoos on several fingers, others do on one particular. Sometimes drawing has a great sense for a person, for example, it is a symbol of love or strong will. But it also happens that such tattoos are painted spontaneously, for the sake of fun. In addition, tattoos on the fingers are loved by both women and men, they consider it equally interesting and attractive. Of course, many people prefer to have a tattoo on one finger, and when done at all, it looks like a picture, an inscription, that is one whole. There is another side to the medal - infernal pain. Since the fatty layer on the fingers is very small and the nerve endings are nearby, such a tattoo will bring a lot of suffering. In addition, the skin on the hands quickly wears, because we often mine them, perform different jobs and so on. Therefore, it should be noted that in the future, the tattoo will lose its color and beauty.

tattoos on the fingers

prison tattoos on the fingers
It is very popular to do tattoos on the fingers in the formrings. Girls often choose a tattoo in the form of a wedding ring, men - huge, chic rings. The tattoo is applied both on the outside of the finger, and on the inside and the side. Some knock out the inscription (words are especially popular in Latin or Chinese), while others make tattoos in the form of a sword, eagle or other animals and objects (notes, feathers, musical instruments - anything you like). Practicing luminous tattoos on the fingers. Very often people make them in the form of a zodiac sign or a flower suitable for a person. Also, the drawing depends on the place of residence of the person: if he lives in the mountains, then often such people make tattoos in the form of peaks, fortresses, and if on the coast, then palms, seagulls and sea themes prevail.

zonovskie tattoos on the fingers

Also there are prison tattoos on the fingers,which have nothing to do with the above tattoos. Zonovskie tattoos are considered a peculiar language among people who have visited places not so remote. This is a kind of code, invented to communicate "elected". For example, the whole biography of a thief or a murderer can be learned from the drawings on his body. Stitches on the fingers in prison are often knocked out in the form of words. For example, "ELEPHANT" - "death by the cops, they will not be saved" or "VOLK" - "the thief of shortness" - the "cap". Also popular are tattoos in the form of powerful, strong animals such as a wolf, a tiger, a raven. But these drawings do not on phalanx, but on other parts of the body because of their large size.

Zonovskie tattoos on the fingers are made in the forma peak and a club suit, a sword or a devil, a skull or a crown. As you can see, tattoos have a deep meaning. Strong animals, skulls and skeletons are a signal that such people will not be destroyed, they will survive everything in the world. For example, tattooing in the form of a star symbolizes tremendous strength, power and courage; a knife is a symbol of revenge, of death; dragon - wisdom, strength and power. Also popular tattoo in the form of sharks, bears, owls, horses and others. Zonal tattoos are divided into digital and alphabetic. Digital - memory of an important date, alphabetic can be part of the picture or an abbreviation. Often tattoos are done in Latin, so that the deciphering was known only to the owner of the tattoo.