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The river station of Kazan: from history to the present. Schedule, prices, how to get there

Although many of us are increasingly preferringcars and buses, rail and air transport, a more romantic water transport did not sink into oblivion. It develops and functions in this not only in the coastal and pre-Ocean cities. An example of this is the river station of Kazan, with which we want to introduce you in this material.

About the river station in Kazan

The hero of our story is part of the largestport of the Republic of Tatarstan - Kazan, located on 1310 km of the Volga along its left bank. A single deep-water system of European Russia connects it with such strategically important seas as the Baltic, Azov, Black, White and Caspian.

The port operator is OJSC "Tatflot"; passengertransportation services LLC "Kazan River Passenger Agency." In addition to the river station of Kazan, the port has a cargo terminal of eight berths. Its importance is also in the fact that it connects the railway, water and railway mains, which helps it handle mixed loads from various directions.

Kazan River Station is a complex of several buildings:

  • central;
  • suburban railway station (ticket office, waiting room, medical center, information office, ticket office of international dispatches, administration, "Tatflot");
  • Suburban berths (1-8);
  • tourist berths (9-15);
  • suburban bus station;
  • cafe-bars.

kazan river station

The main building (the project of architects SM Konstantinov and IG Gainutdinov) was opened in 1962. Since 2005, it is undergoing reconstruction.

The river station serves:

  • intercity cruise ships;
  • suburban directions;
  • irregular routes: entertaining, tourist, excursion and walking;
  • in winter, a "Mars-2000" air cushion (designed for 250 passengers) is launched under the name "Captain Klyuev"; its final destination is Upper Uslon.

Daily passenger traffic of the river terminalKazan is 6 thousand people. The depth fixed at the quay wall (more than 4.5 m) allows the station to accept vessels of the "river", "river-sea" type of all types.

History of Kazan port

Kazan, located at the Volga trade route, simply could not help becoming one of the major shipping centers:

cash station of the river station

  • Located near the town, the village of Bisbalta was the focus of local shipbuilding - in 1710 five ships were built for the Baltic Fleet.
  • 1718 - by decree of Peter the Great, the Kazan Admiralty was founded. Then the Admiralty Sloboda was formed.
  • In 1817 steamers arrived in Kazan. Vsevolzhsky - the first on the Volga.
  • 1904 - the opening of the Kazan river school.
  • During the Second World War, the Kazan port actively helped the front, for the most part - besieged Stalingrad.
  • In 1948, in the area of ​​Yumantihi, extraction of sand and gravel began, the supply of which is still the main activity of the port.
  • 1964 - the new modern port of Kazan was completely put into operation.
  • Currently, work is underway to build one of the branches - Sviyazhsky river port.

How to get to the river station in Kazan

The river station is located at: ul. Devyataev, 1. You can reach it by transport:

  • Buses: 1, 6, 8, 31, 53, 85.
  • Tram: 7.
  • Trolleybuses: 20, 21.
  • Intercity buses stopping directly at the river station.

Kazan river station

Your final destination is a stop. "River port".

Prices for routes and schedule of motor ships in Kazan

Railway station, incl. and Kazan - the place where the system of discounts:

  • Children under 5 years old are free.
  • Children under 10 years - 50% discount.
  • Discounts for travel are provided to privileged categories of citizens - veterans of labor and war, blockade workers, etc.

The relevance of sightseeing walking routes should be known beforehand before the trip at the ticket offices of the river station of Kazan. Their "assortment" is as follows:

Flight:Waypoint:Departure from Kazan:Cost:
Two-hour river cruise along the Volga-

Sat, Sun:



For adults - 280 rubles,

for children - 140 rubles

Excursion (included in the price of the trip story, the road there and back)Sviyazhsk

Sat, Sun


500 rubles
Kazan-TetyushiBulgarEvery day at 8:00331 rubles to one side
Kazan-SviyazhskSviyazhskEvery day at 8:20114 rubles one way
Kazan-TetyushiKama mouthEveryday 8:00209 rubles one way

In addition, suburban river transport goes to the following points:

  • Tache;
  • Pechshchi;
  • Bulgarians;
  • The orchard;
  • Shelanga;
  • Embankments of Morkvashi.

kazan timetable of motor ships railway stations

The river station of Kazan accepts both suburban, intercity, and excursion vessels. The port itself has a rich and glorious history, and a high modern strategic importance.