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Introduction of the thesis. The present author is ...

Usually, the one who wrote the coursework himself, nothas problems with writing a thesis. The general algorithm for such a student will be quite understandable. But there are differences: the volume, the severity of the requirements and the collegiality of the evaluation. That is, the thesis work is much larger, every detail, even in the design, will be important, and a lot of people assess the diploma from the supervisor and the reviewer to the opponent. Introduction read all these people, will they read the rest? Snatches, and only the most interesting for them personally.

Remember, you can not forget!

introduction of the thesis

The introduction of the thesis must beimpeccable. In this part of the work you "tasty" and interestingly present the topic. If your "menu" is like, the probability of high scores grows at times. And what about the menu? It is necessary to indicate why you are researching your topic right now, this is called relevance. Be sure to note what has been done before you and evaluate the knowledge of the problem at the moment in science. And standard - the objectives of the study and the specification of goals - the task, the object with the subject, be sure to describe the methods (in general, the methodology will be described in detail later, in a practical part). And it is also necessary to describe the sources of information for the practical part in sufficient detail. If it is volume - indicate that the sources can be found in such an application.

When to write?

introduction to the thesis

It is believed that the introduction to the thesiswrite after the whole work is written and it is written together with the conclusion. But if you want all the work to be beautifully structured and meaningful, submit to the same line from beginning to end (and only those jobs claim the highest score in standing universities), take good advice - change this habitual order, and you will get an excellent thesis Job. The introduction should be written immediately after the topic was selected. It is clear that you will redo it ten times (and this is not the limit of the number of improvements), but a thoughtful introduction is a lantern in the darkness of the scientific.

Rules and Exceptions

For full confidence in the quality of future workbe sure to read the requirements of your university. In one university, for example, the introduction of a thesis can have a maximum of 3 pages, in another - 5. And in this case, the allowable volume is very important. And it is more difficult if the allowed volume is less. Because a lot needs to be stated laconically and it is very difficult for many to distinguish the main thing and throw away unnecessary. Use the journalistic rule - if the paragraph does not lose anything without a phrase or sentence - safely delete it in a text editor. The introduction of the thesis will only benefit from this.

graduation work introduction

When the introduction is ready, print (thischanges perceptions) and walk mercilessly through the text with a red pen. And do not do at the last minute, with the introduction you need to "sleep" at least three times. In the evening they corrected it - they wrote in the morning. The cycle is repeated, the more times, the better. Probably, it is not necessary to say that the introduction of the thesis, like all the work, must be written independently. "Umeltsy" often do little that they can, and their opuses are calculated instantly. And even if the text is more or less decent, not the author does not feel the logic of the presentation. For a real author, protection is a formality, for a fictitious one a test.