/ What is it, the ocean that separates Africa and Australia?

What is it, an ocean dividing Africa and Australia?

The ocean dividing Africa and Australia is Indian.It is located just between the four continents and, despite being considered the third largest in the world, is the most diverse and interesting from the point of view of science. Well, let's see what it really is, the ocean that is washing Eurasia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica, and how different its waters are in different parts of the world.

General information about the Indian Ocean

The third largest ocean of the planet is occupied byabout 20 percent of its water surface. Its volume is 282.65 million cubic kilometers, and the deepest point is the Sunda Trench, which descends to 7729 meters. The northernmost point of this greatest body of water is in the Persian Gulf, and the southernmost point is off the coast of Antarctica. The ocean dividing Africa and Australia has a width of 10 thousand kilometers between the southernmost points of these two continents. The very name, which, apparently, echoes with India, was given to the reservoir by no means inhabitants of this country. Even in the times of Alexander of Macedon, these waters were called the Indian Sea, likewise it was called the Arabs, the Chinese and other ancient ethnoses.

ocean dividing africa and australia

Seas and Gulfs of the Indian Reservoir

The total area of ​​the seas, of which the ocean consistsbetween Africa and Australia, is 15 percent. Among the largest reservoirs are the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea (Persian Gulf), the Bay of Bengal, the Lakadiv Sea. The shores of Thailand are washed by the Andaman Sea. But off the coast of Australia, the Timor and Arafura Seas are already before us. To the south is the Great Australian Gulf, and after it the most southerly water bodies on the planet. Their waters are between Australia and Antarctica, because currents are often cold. So, these are the seas of Davis, Mawson, the sea of ​​the Commonwealth and the Sea of ​​Cosmonauts. Sometimes they are all simply attributed to the Southern Ocean, although this term is scientifically incorrect.

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Islands in Indian waters

Everyone knows that the ocean separatingAfrica and Australia, is famous for its tropical islands, which are fashionable and very expensive resorts of world level. But among the small areas of land that are found in these waters, you can find and completely overgrown with tropical jungles archipelagos, which, incidentally, are seismically unstable. So, the largest island of the ocean is Madagascar. Staying on it is safe, as it is, in fact, a detached part of Africa, which was previously the mainland. Similarly, the African continent is adjacent to Zanzibar. Australia is also surrounded by islands of continental origin, and the largest of them is Tasmania, followed by the island of kangaroo, the Queensland archipelago and many others. The tourist paradise, which is located in the Indian Ocean, are two archipelagoes - Seychelles and Maldives.

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Africa is the home of the whole world

Now the African continent is considered one of the mostleast developed in the world. However, earlier, in prehistoric times, it was here, according to one of the versions, humanity was born, and homosapiens as a species lived and developed here for thousands of years. Most likely, it happened because of the extremely favorable position of the continent, besides, at that time the climate here was not so sultry and scorching. It is also worth paying attention to what oceans are washed by Africa. Its east coast is bathed in the waters of the Indian reservoir, and in the West we see the Atlantic. It should be noted that it is the eastern coast of the continent that is much more suitable not only for life, but also for tourism. Local landscapes, spectacular seascapes that blend with savannas and deserts, conquer the hearts of all who come here.

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As it turned out, the ocean dividing Africa andAustralia, as if carries in itself the culture and traditions of those powers and peoples, to the lands of which it comes. In its waters, the country of the same name is bathed, adjacent to it is China, Thailand and Indonesia. Below it passes into numerous Australian seas and gulfs, bypasses Antarctica in the South and reaches the shores of Africa. Almost at every point, the Indian Ocean is incredibly beautiful and attractive. Its waters are warm everywhere, except in the southern regions, so all the islands that are in it are so nice to relax at any time of the year.