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Graduate School of Higher School of Economics in Moscow

Master is a great opportunity for thosepeople who want to get a deeper knowledge of their specialty or completely change the direction of their activities. This is the second stage of higher education. The Higher School of Economics, which is one of the leading and largest universities in our country, invites to the magistracy. What directions are there? How can I enter the HSE magistracy? Let's find the answers to these questions.

Why do you need a master's degree?

Every year Russian state andnon-state universities produce a huge number of specialists - young bachelors. In the labor market with this degree of competition is very difficult. For additional benefits, it is recommended that you graduate. It allows to supplement and deepen the existing knowledge. People who received a master's degree in the labor market are more highly valued by employers.

On the second stage of higher educationit is advisable to do so to those persons who, for whatever reason, disregarded their specialty. Here is an example. The man graduated from the university in the direction of "Economics" (bachelor's degree). Once he went to study for an economist on the recommendation of his parents. For all these years, this man understood that he liked jurisprudence more. In this case, with a Bachelor's degree in economics, you can apply for a master's degree in law. In just 2 years you will be able to get a new profession.

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The advantages of a master's degree in the Higher School of Economics

The Higher School of Economics is a well-known educationalinstitution. It is a national research university. He takes a leading position in various Russian ratings. Many people come here to the second stage of higher education. The university attracts by being the first master university in the Russian Federation. It was opened in 1992 as a training center for masters. For the period of its existence, the Higher School of Economics has acquired great experience in the training of such specialists.

The advantages of the master's program of the Higher School of Economics are alsoavailability of student benefits. The applicants are offered budget places, students are granted a deferment from conscription to military service. In the first semester, a scholarship is paid to persons studying on a free basis. In the future, it is accrued depending on the learning outcomes.

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Getting the Diploma Supplement

An important advantage of a master's program in the Higher Schooleconomy, which should be noted, is that all graduates receive an annex to the European Diploma Supplement. It confirms the correspondence of the education received at the Russian university to European standards.

The Diploma Supplement is a document,written in English and Russian. It lists all the disciplines studied, describes the system of Russian education. The application simplifies the relationship between graduates of the Higher School of Economics with foreign universities and employers, allows you to continue studying in a foreign country or to build a career in a foreign company.

Is it difficult to enter the master's program of the Higher School of Economics?

The entry into the HSE magistrate does notdiffers from entering any other institution. Employees of the admissions committee do not give preference to their graduates. The master's degree is open to all graduates of state and non-state institutions of higher learning. The most talented people are enlisted here.

What do you need to enter the HSE magistracy?First, it is necessary to determine the direction of preparation and the educational program. Secondly, you need to prepare for the introductory tests and successfully pass them. With the purpose of admission, you can also participate in a special Olympiad NRU HSE. Her prizewinners are enrolled in the university.

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Directions of training and educational programs

The Higher School of Economics is located in Moscow, butwhile the capital is not the only city where the university is located. The National Research University has branches in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm. Applicants to the magistracy in each city are offered certain educational programs. The most complete list of them has a Moscow university.

The Graduate School in Moscow at the Higher School of Economics offers training courses related to:

  • architecture;
  • fine and applied arts;
  • informatics and computer facilities;
  • history and archeology;
  • cultural studies and sociocultural projects;
  • mathematics and mechanics;
  • political science and regional studies;
  • psychological sciences;
  • social sciences;
  • mass media and information and library work;
  • management in technical systems;
  • physics;
  • philosophy, ethics and religion;
  • economy and management;
  • electronics, radio engineering and communication systems;
  • jurisprudence;
  • linguistics and literary criticism.

Each direction of master's training in NRUThe HSE includes various educational programs. For example, on "Cultural Studies and Socio-Cultural Projects", the students make a choice between "Visual Culture", "Cultural and Intellectual History: Between East and West", "Applied Culturology". In order to make a choice, you can visit open days. This is the best way to get up-to-date information about educational programs of interest.

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Graduate School of HSE: entrance tests

At the Higher School of Economics, mostMaster's programs are set for 2 entrance examinations, one of which is an examination in the specialty, and the second - a qualification exam in English. For example, on the educational program "Analysis of data in medicine and biology" (direction "Mathematics and Mechanics"), applicants hand in writing to higher mathematics. The second exam is English. It is conducted in the form of testing and listening.

There are also programs for which there is no provisiondelivery of a foreign language. An example is Management and Health Economics. The exam is given for management in writing. On some programs at the Graduate School of the Higher School of Economics, the Portfolio Competition ("Personnel Management of State Organizations", "Electronic Business", "Demography", etc.) is the entrance exam. Portfolio includes:

  • motivation letter;
  • Diploma of Higher Education;
  • recommendations;
  • Diplomas, certificates and other documents confirming the level of knowledge of the English language;
  • diplomas of the winner, prize-winner, laureate and participant of the Olympiads, student competitions of scientific works of various levels;
  • Diplomas, certificates and other documents evidencing an increase in professional qualifications;
  • Copies of publications in scientific publications, collections;
  • documents serving as confirmation of participation in scientific conferences;
  • work experience.

Master's degree in Moscow

Olympiad of the Higher School of Economics for applicants

People who wish to enter the HSE magistracy,it is recommended to participate in a special Olympiad, held for students and graduates. It is held annually in March. Registration begins a few months before it begins. Each participant is given the opportunity to choose the direction and profile of interest.

Winners and prizewinners are entitled toenrollment in the master's programs corresponding to the profile of the Olympiad. Applicants are given a maximum score on the entrance test without passing it. Also, the winners of the Olympiad in the Higher School of Economics at the Master's Degree are given a discount for the entire period of study (25 or 50% of the total cost).

Preparing for enrollment in a master's program

Applicants are offeredspecial courses. In the Higher School of Economics they are implemented in the form of programs for additional professional education and professional development. Applications for training are accepted every year during September. Classes in the chosen direction begin on October 1 and last throughout the school year, until the end of May.

The courses allow for theoretical training.Due to this, students fill in the existing gaps in knowledge or learn a completely new information for themselves (if the direction was chosen quite different, different from the education received at the bachelor's degree).

And now about the price. For those enrolled in the HSE graduate preparatory training costs more than 70 thousand rubles.

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Additional information for applicants

On admission of documents to the master's program of the university annuallynotifies entrants. They are informed of the period during which it will be possible to visit the admissions office. If you make a visit to the university for some reason is not possible, then it is recommended to use the electronic filing system. On the official website, each arriving person can create a personal cabinet and upload scans there.

Very often, people come to ask abouthow many programs can you submit documents. In a Moscow university an applicant can apply for a place only on one educational program. In the branches located in St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, 2 programs are allowed. But in the Perm branch documents can be submitted for an unlimited number of programs.

Master of Science in Entrance

In conclusion, it should be noted that the entry intothe HSE magistrate is the right step. Here are offered in demand in the modern world of specialization, there are budget places. Each student has a chance to go to an internship in some foreign country, to use the programs of double diplomas.