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Cosmonaut Suraev Maxim: biography (photo)

Maxim Suraev is a colonel of the Air Force, the first Russian astronaut, who leads his blog from orbit and regularly answers readers' questions.

Pilot-cosmonaut Maxim Suraev

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Many children of the Soviet Union in their dreamssaw themselves as astronauts, they wanted to explore the universe, as Yuri Gagarin did in his time. Dreams are dreams, and it is not everyone who succeeds in carrying this desire through the years and realizing it.

104th cosmonaut of Russia and 503rd world.This is how the hero of this article appears before us. A bright slogan, in which the desire to promote mankind was traced, and new horizons opened before him, was followed by cosmonaut Maxim Suraev. His biography is full of numerous awards and merits, and his smile is compared with the smile of Yuri Alekseevich Gagarin.

Below we will get acquainted with this outstanding personality in more detail.

A little about Suraev's childhood

MVSuraev was born in Chelyabinsk on May 24, 1972. The future cosmonaut spent his childhood in the town of Shadrinsk in the Kurgan region. Having reached the primary school age, in 1979 he was enrolled in the secondary school No. 5 in Noginsk, which is located in the Moscow region.

Maxim Viktorovich grew up in a military family and inearly childhood began to think about the continuation of the family dynasty. But nevertheless, the profession of the cosmonaut was never discussed. Looking at his father, the Air Force Colonel, and in the past a military pilot, Suraev decided without hesitation to follow his father's path. The cosmos seemed to him then something supernatural and unattainable.

Student years

After the end of the ten classes, Suraev was enrolledon the first course of the military school. Myasnikov, which he later graduated with a diploma of military-special higher education pilot-flight engineer. Later he was appointed to the Voronezh Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky, who graduated with a red diploma in June 1997. After a lapse of years, he also received training in the RAGS in the direction of "jurisprudence" with the assignment of further qualification of a lawyer.

The first "space" steps

Maxim Surayev Astronaut

In early 2007, Suraev Maxim was already in commandgroup of novice space explorers RGNII CTC. Later, in early August 2009, by order of the head of the FGBU and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, he was appointed commander-in-chief of the squad of cosmonauts of the FGBU CCP.

On this basis, Suraev Maxim wasthe order of the Ministry of Defense to the detachment of the RGNII CTC as a possible candidate for test cosmonauts and then was recommended for admission to the above-mentioned detachment. About a year Suraev carried out the necessary training. Two years later he was already awarded the title of test cosmonaut.

Introduction to the ISS

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As part of this unit since 2000, hehas started training on the basis of the provisions established by the program of flights to the International Space Station. Four years later he was sent to exercise in accordance with the survival program, which operates in cases of emergencies at the Baikonur.

In August 2005, he began preparations for participationin the RGNII CPC in the number of the above composition. The result of this operation was to be his inclusion in the work of the space station flight engineer, as well as the commander in the reserve unit of the ISS-15. Simultaneously with N. Stott and T. Kopra participated for two days in a test aimed at surviving in non-residential areas in the event of an emergency landing, where he was appointed commander of the temporary staff. The place of this test was the Moscow region, planted with forest.

In early May of the same year, Suraev wasin advance elected as a design engineer backup unit of the future expedition ISS-17. By mutual consent of NASA and Roskosmos, in May 2006 Maxim Suraev was appointed commander in chief of "SOYUZ-TMA-12". The cosmonaut was also awarded this post in February 2007 and officially by the NASA department.

By a unanimous decision of the Roskosmos collegium, he was later selected as a participant in the reserve structure of the ISS-19, the departure of which took place in March 2009.

Thus, already since January, Suraev was listed in theISS-22 team, and in February of the same year NASA solemnly announced its acceptance into the main unit. In the summer of 2008, he was appointed a member of the ISS-21 and the commander of the crew "SOYUZ-TMA-16". This post was certified by Roskosmos, and then NASA accepted the same decision.

"Battle baptism" Suraev happened on September 302009. Then he acted as the commander of "UNION TMA-16", and also became a participant of space research expeditions Nos. 21 and 22. In October of the same year the ship made a successful docking with the ISS. And on January 10, Maxim Viktorovich Suraev held his debut entry into open space.

Their ship was undocked on March 18, after 169 days.

Hobbies and interests

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His main hobbies astronaut believesgame kinds of sports, reading, caravanning. Besides, cosmonaut Maxim Suraev was the first to continuously share his impressions from the flights, taking relevant photographs. Photos of his flights give an opportunity to see the beauty of the cosmos.

Personal life

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In June 1997, immediately after receivingdiploma, Suraev married Anna Kharohordina. He is also the happy father of two beautiful daughters: Arina and Xenia. Victor Grigorievich, the father of an outstanding cosmonaut, was once awarded the rank of Air Force Colonel. In his youth, Viktor Grigorievich gave lectures in the Chelyabinsk school of navigators. Maxim Viktorovich is not the only child in the family. He grew up with his sisters - Daria and Natalia.

Awards and achievements

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Many gratitudes and insignia receivedMaxim Suraev. The cosmonaut was awarded the Medal of Honor "For Merit in the Development of Outer Space", which is given for a significant contribution to the development of research activities. Also this medal is a gratitude for continued cooperation and continuous socially useful activity.

In his native Noginsk he was awarded the title of honorary figure of the Noginsk municipal district. And in June 2010 Suraev Maxim was awarded the title "Valor of Kuzbass".

Despite such significant merits, the Defense Ministry does notsupported the CPC Council to award the title Hero of the Russian cosmonaut Maxim Suraev. Not once sent the CPC to the Ministry of Defense a recommendation to assign this title to Suraev, who has a large number of flights behind him and lived on the ISS for about six months. But, despite such great services, the Ministry of Defense was denied. They argued that this was a lack of grounds for awarding such a title.

And, finally, on the decree of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, on October 30, 2010 Suraev Maxim was awarded the title of Hero of Russia.


astronaut Maxim Surayev

Such is the great Russian cosmonaut, the publicactivist, researcher Maxim Suraev. His biography is full of many merits, his contribution to the development of space science in Russia can not be overestimated.

He was the first who could grow the presentears of wheat. Despite such significant merits, Suraev did not dream of dreams of rewards. Day by day his photos are inspired by the future conquerors of the stars who are just stepping on their cosmic path.

To date, Maxim Suraevwas awarded a high military rank and proudly bears the status of a cosmonaut-researcher. His blog of space travel is viewed daily by a huge number of users from all over the world. He also appeared as the first astronaut who conducted the broadcasts and answered the questions of "earthlings" while staying in outer space.

Also the first who started to actively blog intime of his star travels, is cosmonaut Maxim Suraev. Photos and video of his flights give us the opportunity to personally touch the mysteries of the vast universe.