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What a good intimate lubricant: types, names, reviews

Often, women refuse or avoidsexual intercourse due to discomfort or excessive friction caused by the lack of natural lubrication. If the discomfort is not caused by a disease or a violation of the hormonal balance, the problem will be solved simply - you need to buy an intimate lubricant or lubricant for sex. In the case when it comes to choosing such an intimate thing, women have the question: "What good intimate lubricant?"

Analogs of lubricants

Before buying a lubricant, you should determine the purpose for which it will be used, and starting from this, make a choice.

It is very important to make a purchase in a specialized intimate shop or pharmacy, because the funds in question on the shelves of consumer shops can be substandard and even dangerous.

Grease intimate
Of course, instead of an intimate lubricant, you canuse a natural lubricant - male sperm. But this analogue is suitable only for couples who dream about a child or a woman taking birth control pills.

Also a good analogue can be saliva. Its disadvantage is that it dries quickly and can cause irritation if the skin has small wounds or scratches.

Choosing an intimate lubricant

For everyday traditional sex, it is recommended to choose a lubricant on a water basis, because it is inexpensive, does not cause irritation or allergies.

What a good intimate lubricant
Normally lubricants after opening can be stored from three months to a year, depending on the composition. Apply lubricant should be before sexual intercourse and thoroughly rinse after.

Lubricants on a water basis

Suitable for use withcondoms, do not contain harmful substances, do not leave traces on the skin, can easily be washed and washed off. The disadvantage of such lubricants is a short period of action: after 5-10 minutes after application, it will completely dry or absorb.

The best intimate lubricant on a water basis - Unexcompany "Rosparfum" -Desire. Taking care of the health of its customers, the well-known brand produces only high-quality products, presenting on the world market goods for the basic instinct, from lubricants and ending with sex toys. Lubricant "Unex" is designed for everyday use, is available in a convenient bottle of 40 ml, perfectly moisturizes the skin, increases the sensitivity of intimate zones. Does not cause irritation on the skin, does not corrode rubber or latex. Quickly rinsed with water, when ingested it does not cause poisoning.

Not less popular is the intimate gelHot Glide Liquid Pleasure. Austrian firm "Hot" has been supplying to the world market intimate products for men and women for 18 years already. The company "Hot" produces high-quality, easy-to-use, efficient multifunctional products at affordable prices. Lubricant Hot Glide Liquid Pleasure (volume 30 ml) provides a gentle glide, moisturizes the skin, protects from the formation of small cracks and scratches, great for both vaginal and anal sex using toys. Compatible with condoms made of latex, without the addition of colorants, with a neutral odor.

The best intimate lubricant

What a good intimate lubricant on a water basis,which would be suitable for use during menstruation? Lubricant Toyfluid, volume of 100 ml. Great for both classic sex and an act using toys or latex protection in critical days. Special composition provides long-lasting sliding and moisturizing, easily washed off with water.

Lubricants on silicone or fatty basis

Excellent cope with the task, ensure a good glide and do not require repeated application, with heavy use can leave marks on clothing or bed linen.

Under the innovative brand "System Joe"Adult products made from pharmaceutical ingredients that undergo strict dermatological control are on the market and are absolutely safe and hypoallergenic. It is "System Joe" on the recommendation of sexologists and doctors has produced the world's first lubricant based on silicone for women. Premium Women, volume of 120 ml. Unlike analogues, the gel is applied directly to the female intimate zone. Compatible with latex and rubber products.

Types of silicone greases

Lubricants based on silicone can have different effects:

  • Antiseptic. "Wave Container" is a gel-grease containing panthenol (B5), which positively affects the statemucous, providing antiseptic and healing effect. Reduces the possibility of damage to the contacting surfaces and the breaking of the condom. Produced in a capacity of 100 ml.
  • Exciting. The Russian company "Biorhythm" produces a well-known on the intimate market lubricant with the stimulating effect of Stimulove Strong, a volume of only 20 ml. The peculiarity of lubrication lies in the unique warming effect, thanks to which partners experience bright, sharp, unique sensations during intercourse, non-toxic, easily washed with water. Does not cause allergies, itching and redness on the skin, this lubricant is intimate. The composition of Stimulove Strong includes glycerol, water, hydroxyethylcellulose, carrageenan, perfume, etc.

Grease intimate composition

  • Prolonging sexual intercourse lubricant with benzocaine. Contraceptive lubricant for topical application "Pharmatex" has spermicidal and antibacterial properties. A special effect is caused by damage to the spermatozoa, which leads to the impossibility of fertilization of the oocyte. "Pharmatex" not only has a contraceptive effect, but also prevents the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, as well as restores the hormonal background of a woman, contributes to the early healing of wounds and sprains of the vagina after childbirth.

Grease for oral sex

It is safe, ecological, has a pleasant fruit or berry taste.

Instead of an intimate lubricant
What a good intimate lubricant for oralsex, which would be able to diversify sexual life with a bright fruit aroma? Of course, Durex Play Sweet Strawberry. Intimate-lubrication is absolutely safe, provides silky smoothness and gives the opportunity to enjoy the bright, juicy aroma of strawberries all year round.

Grease for anal sex

They are made of a special high-quality silicone base, they are used only in combination with a special condom, do not dry for several hours.

Intimate gel grease "Durex" for anal sexPlay Tingle, volume 50 ml. Its popularity has gained thanks to the special effect of "frost tingling". A unique mixture of ingredients causes a simultaneous sensation of warmth and light cold. It is combined with condoms "Durex", vibrators and toys, does not contain menthol, perfumes and spermicides, and also is not a contraceptive.

Intimate gel - lubricant Durex
Grease intimate «Conteks Strong» for analsex, the volume of 100 ml. Great for the first anal act and makes it more comfortable and safe thanks to the extract of aloe vera, which protects the mucous from damage and prevents inflammation. Suitable for use with a condom, does not destroy rubber and latex.


Often women ask themselves: "What is a good intimate lubricant?" According to the answers received, it can be concluded that the most popular lubricants used by sexual partners in a classic or anal act are the gels of Contex and Durex. The choice is due to an affordable price, high quality, minimal risk of allergic reaction and irritation.